9 Things Every Man Should Know About His Wife

BY: - 13 Sep '13 | Marriage

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This article is the follow-up to 9 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Husband

Many men will tell you that they have no clue what their wives are thinking.  Is she mad?  Did I do something wrong?  What’s the big deal? What did I say? She definitely took that the wrong way. So, the real question is how do men minimize these thoughts and improve their relationships with their wives? I think it’s rather simple. Get to know a few things about her that you just might not be considering.

I certainly don’t claim to know how every woman thinks, but as a married woman with plenty of female friends, I think I can share a thing or two to help men understand their wives a little bit better and make their lives a lot happier.

A couple of weeks ago I shared nine things I think every woman should know about her husband.  From the response, it seems like the list resonated with so many of you and that’s great.  Now, it’s only right that I flip the script and share nine things I think every man should know about his wife. I hope this list helps a brother out.  Let us know what we should add to this list.

She Doesn't Need You to Fix Everything

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Men have the tendency to try and fix things when their wives are upset and share a problem. But sometimes she just needs you to listen. That’s all. Just listen.



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  2. Kangfish

    Their are some things as a man, I forget to say or mention or do. But I truly want my lady to be happy other than paying the bills. Cause their are times I don’t tell her she’s looking good because I expect it. Some times after years being with someone you have a tendency to expect certain things. But, when I am out and I see certain things she may like, I buy it as a surprise. I her give credit when she accomplish some things she likes. Women can also nudge a man into what’s missing. One thing this article reminds me of is keeping the romance upfront because, she’s still your sweetie.

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