Need Ideas? 10 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Your Anniversary

BY: - 24 Sep '13 | Marriage

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For many couples, their wedding day is often described as the best day of their lives. From the dress, to the suit, the food, the music, and being surrounded by family and friends, it’s a day to commemorate the most special of occasions – becoming one. No matter how many years you have been married, it’s worth it to honor the day you chose your mate as your forever-partner through life. Here are thoughtful ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary (that fit a variety of budgets)!

  1. Make the date of your wedding your monthly date night (example: the 9th of each month).
  2. Create a slideshow of pictures of your life together, set it to the song you danced to on your first dance, and share it on Youtube.
  3. Watch your wedding anniversary DVD (if you have one) or peruse your wedding photos over a nice dinner at home. Talk about the details of the day and relive each moment!
  4. Book a trip to your honeymoon destination.
  5. Invite the members of your wedding party over for a mini-reunion.
  6. Recreate the proposal.
  7. Write a letter to your spouse with a list of reasons why you love them; one for each year you’ve been married.
  8. Create a list of places you’d like to travel to together, and schedule each trip around your anniversary. Make a stay-cation in your current city first on the list.
  9. Renew your vows in a small, intimate way (or a large, extravagant way!).
  10. Take turns planning the anniversary celebration each year, to keep things fun and fresh.

With all of the books, blogs, and movies out there to teach you about how to keep the flame burning in your marriage, there’s no better teacher than remembering the day and time where your journey first began!

BMWK – How do you and your spouse celebrate your anniversary?


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