Another Blended Family Love Story: How My Husband Became “Daddy”

BY: - 18 Oct '13 | Blended Families

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Recently, I wrote an article about my Father before he became my Daddy, where I shared my experience growing up in a blended family home. Now, I am going to share my experience as a parent allowing my spouse to raise my child.

My family knew my husband’s family from church many years before we got together. My sister teased me about my him becoming my husband even before we started dating. Eventually, we went on a date and never stopped.

I had a two year old son whose father wasn’t always around. One day while outside raking my mom’s leaves, my son called my then boyfriend “Daddy.” We all froze not knowing how to respond. My son never called anyone I dated “Daddy.” My husband responded “What is it?” and we all went back to raking leaves. I was comfortable with the situation even though I didn’t know what to do next.

A year later, we had our daughter and got married soon after.

When I asked my husband if he wanted to try to have a boy of his own, his response was he already had one.

That touched my heart, not only was that sweet to say but I was glad I didn’t have to give birth again! My husband never refers to my son as his step son or wife’s son. He only calls him son. My husband’s family from both sides never refers to my son using “step” anything. I am so blessed to be part of such a family full of love. My son is nineteen now and I am very pleased with how my husband has shown him so many different things about life and how he encourages, disciplines and loves my son.

It takes a special person to marry a person with children from previous relationships. A marriage is a task in itself, but when your spouse is part of a package, it can be extra daunting. With the help of God, patience, trust and love, our blended family is a just like any other family with arguments and disagreements. No one would ever know that we don’t all share the same DNA and I am so blessed to have my husband as my son’s father.

BMWK – we know that there are tremendous blessings in a blended family.  If you know of an awesome Step-Parent, give then a shout out in the comments below.

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5 WordPress comments on “Another Blended Family Love Story: How My Husband Became “Daddy”

  1. Kemal

    “My Fiance Charmaine is a awesome mother, she loves my daughter Christiana as if she is her own. We have a son together, however we both have children from previous relationships. She does her hair, gets her dressed, and takes her to church because I work on the weekends. She’s a blessing and its one of the many reasons that I love her

  2. Neci

    My husband, Dion, has always been an awesome “poppy” since coming into my daughter’s life at 7. My ex-husband wasn’t a regular part of her life and he was more than willing to step up.

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  5. Tamara Hartley

    What a great story! I too have a blended family and know the challenges of managing all of the relationships involved. My children still have a good relationship with their biological father and are developing a good relationship with their stepfather as well. Keeping the lines of communication open and being honest is critical. I appreciate my husband allowing my children space and time to grow their own relationship!

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