Recipe: Stay Away Stretch Marks, Hello Belly Butter

BY: - 11 Oct '13 | Parenting

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While having a baby is exciting there is one thing most women fear – STRETCH MARKS!  When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2002, I was paranoid about getting stretch marks.  I’d seen friends and family members’ stretch marks as a result of having a baby.  And I was terrified of what having this angel would do to my body!  But I didn’t just sit around and wait for it to happen; I took matters into my own hands!

I did some research on ingredients I could use that would help prevent stretch marks.  I then concocted this glorious mixture that saved my skin, LITERALLY!!  There was no real reason or rhyme for the amounts I added in or the combination, I just used those things I’d read were healthy for the skin.  BUT honey honey honey, IT WORKED!  Now I had to do my part and that was for the 7 months I had left of my pregnancy I vowed to slather my belly, breast and hips with this Belly butter faithfully every night and every morning … well in the morning I only rubbed a little on because it is greasy!!  At night I bought inexpensive t-shirts because I knew it would get greasy!!  I told my husband “if I should sleep before I slather, grease my belly well”!

Absolutely NO STRETCH MARKS was my result!  I was so happy…. I documented the recipe because when I had my son in 2005, I gained far more weight than I did when I had my daughter!  But again, I slathered every night and rubbed every morning and AGAIN NO STRETCH MARKS!!

Then one of my best friends got pregnant and she shared with me she was using a popular stretch mark cream but was still experiencing itching sensations.  So I made up a batch for her.  She told me the itchy feeling went away immediately and after she gave birth was pleased to report NO STRETCH MARKS!  Another best friend had a baby girl – gave her some, same results NO STRETCH MARKS!  Now while I cannot guarantee this recipe will work for you, I can attest that it worked for me twice and on two other girlfriends.

OH and let me not forget to tell you, I’ve also used this butter on scars, bug bites, and dry feet!  HA – LOVE THIS BUTTER!!  Try it and share the love!  Whether you are making it for yourself, gifting it or passing along the recipe, you will LOVE IT!

love my blender – made my butter smooth baby!!


just pulling out ingredients for this beautiful butter!!


if you are gifting this butter – why not personalize it!!


love this stuff!!


this really is the perfect gift to someone



up close and personal for the closer!!




1 ¼ cup creamy cocoa butter
½ cup vitamin E oil
½ cup jojoba oil
½ cup shea butter
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup coconut oil
2 tsp. fish oil
2 tbsp. Vaseline

Optional Tools if you plan on gifting this butter:

Decorative Jar
Decorative Labels


  1. Add all ingredients to blender, blend until smooth
  2. Add butter to plastic container or decorative jar to use yourself or give as a gift (label and tie a ribbon in a pretty bow)
  3. At night generously slather on any areas of concern (wear old or inexpensive t-shirts as shirts may get soiled), in the morning rub just a little on because it is greasy – be consistent if you want it to work!
  4. For scars, bug bites and dry feet use as needed.
  5. Share this butter love with others!!

Please take note of the ingredients and do not use them if you are allergic to any of them.  As always, please consult your doctor first before using this product or any new product while you are pregnant.

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11 WordPress comments on “Recipe: Stay Away Stretch Marks, Hello Belly Butter

    1. Anonymous

      OMG Tamandra – I just recently started putting it in my scalp and I like it LOL … crazy right but this natural hair of mine is soaking it right on up and I think I love it!!

      1. Khrissaundra S Knox

        I would recommend leaving the vaseline out if you use it on your hair. Petroleum jelly and mineral oil are big no no’s for hair. They clog up your pores and leave greasy build up on your hair. All the other ingredients are great for hair!

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One Big Lesson to Teach Your Kids about the Government Shutdown

BY: - 14 Oct '13 | Parenting

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There are millions of people that have been affected by the recent government shutdown. Unfortunately, our family is on that docket of people. Like many, my husband has had a great government job for almost thirteen years now. Then last week, he got the news that neither of us wanted to hear: that his paycheck would be cut until our wonderful government gets their stuff together. So while he continues to go to work without pay, the same people who caused the shutdown to begin with, continue to collect ALL of their pay. And yes, federal workers will be “backpaid” once the situation is resolved. But what good does that do when we have mouths to feed and bills to pay?

A while back, I wrote a post about why I wasn’t teaching my kids that they HAD to go to college. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, please read the post carefully. In a nutshell, I was simply stating that college is not the end all, be all for everyone. I believe that some people were given natural gifts and abilities and that a college education is not the only type of education that kids can obtain.

On the flip-side, my husband didn’t go to college. And from my years of recruiting and hiring new employees when I worked in corporate, I know that his salary is higher than many who were college educated and in leadership roles. But then again…he’s in the same boat that millions of other government workers (college educated or not) are in now — on shutdown and currently without a paycheck. As with most things, we always try to find some underlying lesson. In this case, the shutdown reinforced the need to teach one big lesson to our kids: the importance of not relying on someone else (government or otherwise) to determine when and if you get a paycheck.

One way we are committed to teaching our kids is to be open and transparent with them when it comes to talking about our finances. I attended a recent conference and The Budgetnista talked about how her father went through all of the bills with them when they were growing up. They knew how much income was brought in the home, how much all the bills were, and how much was left after paying them all. She learned, early on, the importance of budgeting and money management. Oh how I wish my parents had done this with us. And no, it doesn’t count to constantly yell, “stop wasting water”, “stop leaving the lights on”, or “money doesn’t grow on trees”.

So one thing my husband and I will be starting with our kids (starting with the oldest who is 6) is to go over our bills with them so they understand finances at a young age. We’ve found free resources online that teach money management in a fun and easy-to-understand way for kids. I want them to really grasp what happens when there’s only one way for money to come in, so they are clear about the importance of having multiple streams of income.

That “good government job” that you keep hearing about is not a bulletproof plan. Even with a good job, you need to keep your options open and find other ways to make an income. From my own experience, I’ve realized that there should always be a plan A, B, and sometimes C. Sure you can work to save up six to eight months of living expenses, etc. But what if you’re out of work longer than that?

When I worked in HR and had to witness several of my Executive level friends and colleagues get laid off, none of them could’ve predicted it would take a year plus to find a job…paying much less than they were making previously due to the recession. Unfortunately, no number of college degrees will take care of the bills that have to be paid.

Our kids have a much better advantage of learning this early on, with all of the many ways to earn additional income. It’s no longer just about the world of network marketing or direct sales (although those are still viable options for some). The world of online/internet marketing (social media, blogging, etc) can be a great revenue generating option. But be sure to find out what your child gets excited about, and find a way to nurture that excitement into paid opportunities. My niece started a lego business and she’s nine. My six-year-old took it upon himself to gather a bunch of toys he and his sisters no longer play with, so they can sell them and “make some money”.

Even at a young age, my son is seeing the importance of budgeting and creating a wealthy mindset. We continue to talk to them and let them know the importance of not relying on anyone else to supply their income and fulfill their dreams.

BMWK: Has your family been impacted by the recent government shutdown? What are some things you’re doing to get through this difficult time, and what are you teaching your kids?

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Christine St. Vil wrote 153 articles on this blog.

Christine St.Vil is co-author of the Whose Shoes Are Your Wearing: 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want to Be. A happy wife to an amazing hubby of 8 years, and homeschooling mother of three, she teaches moms how to FLY (First Love Yourself). She uses her corporate background to work with women who are ready to start a new business, accelerate their career growth & design a life they love. She's on a mission to help moms to battle the mom guilt epidemic, so they can begin to put themselves first on their never-ending list of priorities.


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