11 Reasons Why I’m Thankful for My Husband

BY: - 29 Nov '13 | Marriage

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During a week where we are reminded of why it’s important to give thanks, I find myself thinking about the things and people in my life that I am thankful for.  I am pretty good at expressing gratitude. I always have been, and I thank my mom for that. I could go on and on, telling you all about my wonderful kids, my awesome friends, and the hundred other things I’m thankful for. But, instead, I am going to share why I am thankful for my husband.

So often we can focus on the negative in our relationships.  Maybe your spouse has a bad habit, maybe things have been a little rocky, or maybe they recently did something that pissed you off.  I’m not saying my husband is perfect.  He’s definitely not.  But neither am I.  However, he is a good man.  His imperfections are part of why I love him so much.

I know that things in your relationship may not be what you want them to be.  Maybe you are even experiencing a rough patch, and you aren’t sure what to do next.  Take some time this week to really think about why you married your spouse.  Take a moment to reflect on all the qualities that you are thankful for.  They say when we start to lose sight of what matters, expressing gratitude can help us regain focus.  May this Thanksgiving give you an opportunity to not just express gratitude, but regain focus.

Here are a few reasons why I am thankful for my husband.

  1. He gets me.  I’m a pretty easygoing person, but even with that, I can be hard to figure out.  This man has me figured out. He knows what I’m thinking before I even say it – even if it’s outrageous.
  2. He’s a good dad.  I feel like there are so many negative images out there about Black men being bad dads. Frankly, I’ve had enough.  Oh, how thankful I am that I have a man in my life who adores his children and shows them so every single day.
  3. He can cook.  Nothing beats a man that can hook up a tasty dish.  And not only does it taste good, but the presentation is even on point.  Where’s my plate?
  4. He’s very handy around the house.  I love to act like I can do everything on my own, and although I probably could if I had to, I don’t want to.  I am so grateful for a man that fixes things, mows the lawn and keeps our house in tip-top shape.
  5. He’s a man of faith. Enough said. A man of faith matters more than anything.  As long as he lets God guide his actions, he can never go wrong.
  6. He never disrespects me.  I know women who are in relationships where their significant other disrespects them and it saddens me.  Being with a man who respects me makes me feel so thankful because without respect our relationship would not exist.
  7. He fights fair. We don’t fight often, but when disagreements occur, there is no hitting below the belt.
  8. He supports my dreams.  I’m a big dreamer.  I have ideas all of the time, and I am always off on a new professional or personal adventure.  He understands my need to dream and he always shows his support and encouragement.
  9. He listens. I talk… a lot!  He listens… most of the time.  I’m definitely thankful for that.

10. He knows what I need.  I am very indecisive and sometimes my husband just helps me make a decision.  And when I feel lost and confused, he often knows what I need, even when what I need is some space to think and just be.

11. He cracks me up. Marriage is just too hard to go through without a sense of humor. My husband makes me laugh – sometimes right in the middle of crying.  I love it.


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  • http://www.africanamericanmom.blogspot.com Eyona

    What a sweet ode to your husband! I hope he read this, too.

  • Lakiya Ivery

    Such a great connection I had with this article. Well written!