Are You Ready for The Best Man 3?

BY: - 19 Nov '13 | Entertainment

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We were first introduced to the cast of The Best Man back in 1999, with an all star cast and an intense story line. The gang all returned for a sequel, The Best Man Holiday, which is already a smashing success with $30.1 million earned at the box office its opening weekend. Those who have seen the movie are wondering if there’s a third movie in the works. The answer is: very likely.

According to Shadow & Act, director and writer Malcolm D. Lee is reportedly in talks with Universal about a third installment to the romantic comedy. Although there’s no word yet on whether the cast has been secured, the success of this film could definitely bring back Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Regina Hall, and Melissa De Sousa. Holiday had a $17 million budget, which was earned back and some. The actors may not have options on a threequel, though, so they could be looking at a bigger check for another movie.

The movie has garnered rave reviews from the audience and media alike, including some outrage on social media toward a mainstream news source undermining the success of Holiday based on it being targeted to African American women. USA Today compared the movie to The Butler, 12 Years a Slave and Fruitvale Station, initially pegging Holiday to be “race themed“. This has prompted many moviegoers to continue to support the movie, to show that its success is not a fluke.

Movies that are highly successful at the box office are more likely to have another installment, but it sounds like Lee is already writing the next story. We are excited to see what’s next for Lee and the cast.

BMWK, do you want to see a third installment of The Best Man?

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10 WordPress comments on “Are You Ready for The Best Man 3?

  1. Teresa

    Our couples group saw it together. 8 couple’s strong and everyone enjoyed themselves. Luck for us I brought the tickets early in the week and there was still a line an hour early for sitting. We are definitely excited for a three installment. Great job…..

  2. Aneera

    Yes please do…this movie can definitely be apart of a trilogy….oh and Bring Gabrielle Union on in for the third one…i dont know want to reveal the movie but there is a space for her now.

    1. robert

      Let’s get someone who has yet to grace the Big Screen.I really would like to Tahiry Jose from Love and Hip Hop New York play in the 3rd one.I think she will mesh and gel very well with all the other stars.


    I would love to see a part three. We have to continue to produce positive films about African American men and women. Funny how we cant seem to win. If its a historical film critics say “oh no not another slave film” if its a modern day film critics say “its a race theme”. Cant win for losing. Keep making movies people and that all that matters.

  4. Gioia

    Loved this movie for the essence of a God centered marriage, strong black families, real friends, forgiveness, male friendships, strong black men who were emotionally available, rising above situations & more!!! BM #3 is a must!!!! Love, Love, Loved It!!!!

  5. Monique

    I loved this movie! Can’t believe how beautiful and fulfilling the storyline was! Would love to see the storyline for a part three. If suggestions are being taken I would love to see Jill Scott Tahija P. Henson, worked into the cast.

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Kym Whitley Returns to OWN This Saturday With All-New Episodes of “Raising Whitley”

BY: - 3 Jan '14 | Entertainment

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Raising Whitley Airs on OWN Network

One of our favorite actresses and comediennes is back with all-new episodes of her hit docu-series, “Raising Whitley.” A breath of fresh air in the word of reality TV, “Raising Whitley” follows the ups and downs that Kym Whitley faces after adopting sweet Joshua and figuring out how to manage motherhood with her busy life.

In this new season of “Raising Whitley,” Joshua is now 2 and a half and Kym is navigating experiences like swimming lessons and potty training.   You also get a close look at Kym’s quest to raise allergy awareness.  After an allergy scare with Joshua that reveled an allergy to peanuts, Kym was inspired to create her “Don’t Feed Me” allergy awareness t-shirts and care packs.

Last April we had a chance to talk to Kym Whitley about “Raising Whitley” and what she shared really made us want to tune in for the series premiere.  With over 1.2 million viewers watching the series premiere of “Raising Whitley” in April 2013, viewers everywhere can’t wait to tune in this Saturday, January 4, 2014 at 9:00pm ET/PT to watch as her journey with Joshua continues to unfold.

I know I will be tuning in to watch this working mom figure things out with the support of her “village.”  Will you be watching?

Click here for a sneak peak of the season premiere of Raising Whitney.

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