How St. Jude is Helping Three Sisters Battle Cancer

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A couple of week’s ago, we wrote about our trip to Memphis, TN to visit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. While there have been many celebrities, radio personalities and everyday people like you who are sharing in the fight against childhood cancer, we wanted to share the story of just one of the special families at St. Jude.

Meet the Lee family, a family of seven (four girls and one boy which includes a set of twins). It’s one thing to have a sick child. But to have three sick children, is way more than any parent should have to be faced with. Read on to see how this mom is helping her children battle cancer, as well as how she’s had to deal with her own cancer scare in the midst of it all.

BMWK: Can you please share with us, how you and your husband, and the rest of the family have been able to push through this time over the last few years?

Elnora Lee: One word, which is prayer.  Praying consistently is the motivation that keeps me going, and just to see that my children are still alive is motivation enough for me to push through the tough days.  There are days where you want to give up, but they’re still going so you have to keep going.

BMWK: Can you explain a little bit about the type of cancer the girls have?

Elnora:  Yes, they have different types of brain tumors.  One of my daughters, for example, has what they call plexiform on her back and on her hip, which causes her to walk uneven.  She also has the brain tumors in the brain.  One of them has brain tumors in the brain stem and on the optic nerve.  One of my other daughters has the optic pathway glioma in the middle of the brain.

BMWK:  Okay, so they’re all different types of tumors that they have?

Elnora:  Yes, all different with different side effects, yes.

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