California Woman Helps Police Capture AMBER Alert Suspect

BY: - 9 Jan '14 | On the Web

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Leshay Burks,

Last Friday, a mother and her child were followed home after a shopping trip to Walmart.  While the mother unloaded the car, her daughter was approached by  a man and kidnapped. The suspect, David Douglas, grabbed her at gunpoint and drove off in a gold-colored Camry.

An AMBER Alert was released immediately in an effort to rescue the 7-year-old girl.  Almost 4 hours later, good Samaritan, Leshay Burks, was at the Antioch, CA marina when she realized that her and her sister could be parked right next to the suspect.  Burks began honking her horn to alert police and get help.

Burks’ quick thinking paid off and police were able to apprehend 43-year-old Douglas and return the young victim to her family.   Police are investigating whether or not the young lady was sexually assaulted.  Although Davis is not a registered sex offender, police believe that he tried to kidnap another child from her mother the day before at the Antioch Walmart.

Burks is reported as saying, “That could be your child, that could be your sister, that could be your niece, you know? It could be someone close to you.” Burks’ actions remind us that we should never ignore suspicious behavior and we should always listen to our gut.  Something told her that the young girl from the AMBER Alert was possibly in that vehicle, and she was right.

The child’s identity is being protected.  She is reported to be home with her family and the police investigation continues.

Check out what Leshay Burks has to say in the video below:


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  • Tiya

    This is awesome news! Thank God for this young lady’s quick thinking.