Couple Proves that Marriage Can Work, Even in Hollywood

BY: - 16 Jan '14 | Marriage

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by  Bridgette Bartlett-Royall,

Hollywood is known for many things: cheesy celebrity home tours, beautiful palm trees, gigantic movie studios and microwave marriages. So when Black Bridal Bliss was approached to feature husband-wife duo, Kam and Ricky Horne, Jr. for Marriage Matters, a hefty dose of skepticism arose. Kam knows the entertainment biz well. The stunning Los Angeles native began modeling and acting at the tender age of 13. The mother of three was a regular on the Tia & Tamera Show which aired on the E! Style Network, Bravo and Oxygen. Hubby Ricky is a writer/director/producer who has worked with industry notables like Kim Fields and Lindsay Lohan.  The Hornes were refreshingly down to earth and candid about their ups and downs since saying “I Do” — dishing on everything from blending families, raising a special needs child and planning a wedding without supportive parents.

Hollywood is unpredictable but we have something that’s stable and that is each other.

Meet the Hornes:


Kam, Ricky and their three beautiful children are all smiles. Photo courtesy of Black Bridal Bliss

Black Bridal Bliss: How long have you two been together and how long have you actually been married

Kam: We met in 2004 and started living together in 2006. We got married in 2007 in St. Lucia.

BBB: Are either of you from St. Lucia? What made you decide to wed there?

Kam: No, neither of us are from there but we wanted a destination wedding. It was an easy decision for us.Our parents weren’t 100% supportive of our relationship. People are fortunate to have supportive parents. We didn’t. We may still do a big ceremony for our 10 year anniversary.

Ricky: We had four guests there and they were all Kam’s friends. It wasn’t about them. It was about us.

BBB: Kudos to you guys! How do you stay grounded raising a family and staying in a committed marriage in Hollywood?

Ricky: My homelife makes it easier to do everything else. Family puts it all in perspective. And our love for God does not waver. My allegiance is to my family and God.

Kam: Yes, Hollywood is unpredictable but we have something that’s stable and that is each other.

BMWK – please head over the Black Bridal Bliss to read the rest of the interview and to see how the Hornes handle busy careers and what advice they would give engaged couples MARRIAGE MATTERS – MEET THE HORNES


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  • Mark

    Reading this was refreshing. So many media outlets attempt to have the masses think black marriages are destined to fail.
    Thank you for this.