Nick & Mariah, La La & Carmelo and Tamela & David Mann Cover Ebony’s Black Love Issue

BY: - 8 Jan '14 | Black Celebrity Marriages

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Ebony Black Love Issue

We’re happy to share that Ebony magazine will release three separate covers for their February issue as they celebrate black love. The couples include Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, Carmelo and La La Anthony and David and Tamela Mann.

Inside of the magazine each couple will give insight into their high-profile marriages that readers can learn from. You can check out each cover below and read more details from Ebony.

David & Tamela Mann Ebony Cover

La La & Carmelo Anthony Ebony Cover

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Ebony Cover

From Ebony:

CHICAGO (January 7, 2014) — To usher in Valentine’s Day, EBONY magazine is showcasing the love among three African-American power couples in its February 2014 issue.  Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, Carmelo and La La Anthony and David and Tamela Mann will each have their own cover,and inside the magazine, readers can learn about the spouses’ love stories, how they knew they had found “the one,” and what they do keep the fires burning.

This is the first time each of the celebrity power couples will grace a magazine cover with his or her spouse and offer exclusive insight into their relationship. The photo layouts show Nick and Mariah up-close and sexy as never seen before, and the same can be said about Carmelo and La La as they reveal their intimate and sensual sides.  David and Tamela give readers a peek at how sweet and playful they are with each another.

When asked what ignites their love and how they maintain the passion in their relationships, the following responses were given:

“It was early on when I found out how spiritual she was, and we had conversations about kids and how to live life.  For her to share these values, it instantly let me know this is the person I’ve always wanted.” –Nick Cannon

“Having babies definitely strengthened our bond because all the love that you have for each other is manifested into these two incredible beings.”  –Mariah Carey

“There were people coming in and out of my life, and I didn’t really know whom to trust.  She was one of the people who stood by my side through thick and thick.  Even to this day, she’s always right there.” –Carmelo Anthony

“…We knew no matter what, we wanted each other.  We needed [to be] in each other’s life, and that’s what’s been able to sustain this relationship all those years.” –La La Anthony

“Stay in love because when you’re in love, it covers a multitude of fault.  Our relationship wasn’t based on good sex or having a lot of money.  It was based on just straight friendship.  That’s what has kept us.” –David Mann

“I pray and ask God to keep my heart and my eyes burning only for David Mann.  I speak his name in my prayers, because I want the desire to stay, so when he touches me, I get chills.” –Tamela Mann

The issue also features a special editorial tribute to Nelson Mandela.  Inside, readers will find:

  • Reflections on the life of Mandela
  • Exclusive photos from the EBONY archives
  • Stories of Mandela’s experience in prison
  • An account of the anti-apartheid protests in America
  • Articles on Mandela as a revolutionary, a hero and a legend by notable figures such as Michael Eric Dyson and the Rev. Jesse Jackson

The issue will be available on newsstands beginning January 7.

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LL Cool J Shares His Secret to Marriage Success

BY: - 27 Jan '14 | Black Celebrity Marriages

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LL Cool J Image

I love to see marriages endure the test of time as well as the test of Hollywood. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to work in the entertainment industry and maintain a seemingly healthy marriage at the same time. The added pressures of crazy work schedules and that extra attention that comes along with celebrity could be overwhelming for some. That’s why it’s good to see and hear about couples who are making love success happen.

With excitement centered around  his 3rd time as host of the Grammy’s, LL recently spent some time on the Rickey Smiley morning show and provided some quick nuggets of information on marriage. Although it was brief, lighthearted and to the point, LL’s words of wisdom were honest and refreshing.

After reminding us he had been with his wife, Simone, since 1987 and married since 1995, he went on to share the following:

“Be friends, keep it simple, know what to overlook, and be quiet, eat my soup and let her talk.”

Although, he didn’t have the opportunity to really elaborate, those statements were actually quite insightful.

Being friends, should be the basis for any relationship. Friends share, trust and have a genuine like for one another, which is also a great beginning for a strong partnership.

Keeping it simple to me means being drama-free. Marriages don’t benefit from all that extra chaos. If something is bothering us, we should speak up about it and create a solution with our spouse. It shouldn’t linger on or become so out of control we can’t fix it.

Knowing what to overlook means we should pick our battles wisely. Everything doesn’t have to be a 911 emergency. Taking some time to calm down and assess the situation can completely change the outcome for the positive.

Being quiet, eating soup and letting her talk, while pretty funny, is actually very wise. Not just for the husband, but for both partners. Listening attentively can reduce so many misunderstandings. Most of our communication struggles surface as a result of our not being able to truly listen.

I’m loving that LL was even asked about marriage success in such a brief interview. It’s good to hear and know that people still care about what it takes to make a marriage work.

BMWK, what’s the secret to your marriage success?

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