The 8 Types of Girlfriends Every Woman Should Have

BY: - 7 Mar '14 | Lifestyle

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I have always been blessed to be surrounded by some amazing girlfriends in my life. Yes, as the seasons of life change, some have come and gone; some by choice and some by force. But one thing is for certain: we all need a good girlfriend (or two or many) in our lives. There are just some conversations and places that are meant for girlfriends and not necessarily for our husband. I know that if I have a crisis or need a good ladies’ night out, I will never be without a friend to reach out to.

When I got married, people thought I was crazy because I had 12 bridesmaids (outside of my 4 sisters). But for as long as I can remember, I have always had a big group of close girlfriends. So even after I got married, it was important for me to maintain those friendships. And as we got older, got married, and started having kids, the dynamics changed a bit. But the bonds and the love have not.

So even if it’s once a year, I try to make sure that we get together for a cup of coffee, lunch or dinner (sometimes one-on-one, and sometimes upwards of ten plus). I love my girlfriends to death, and there is nothing like their friendship.

So here are 8 types of friends I’m blessed to have, and think every woman should have too:

The Cheerleader

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She’s the one, who no matter what you’re doing, you know you can call her and she will be excited for you. You could’ve mopped the floor or bought a new pair of shoes she knew you desperately needed. Whatever it is, she is going to cheer you on like no one else will. But she genuinely loves and supports everything that you do.

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21 WordPress comments on “The 8 Types of Girlfriends Every Woman Should Have

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  2. Kim Arrington

    Must read for every woman and girl!! Guys you should have some “guy friends” like this too! So happy that I can look through my life and see one if not a few in every category….you can’t pay for or buy this, but this is when your really rich!!! Great job Christine St.Vil, you are definitely on my list!

      1. Ride or die chick the honest chick

        I like when my girls are honest with me and tell it like it is no matter what and when we need each other no matter what we are there for each other

  3. SisterTruth

    Well, now I understand why I don’t have any of these girlfriends. I’m all of them myself. I’m every woman. It’s all in me!

    My bridesmaids were my 2 sisters, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way because it was DRAMA-free!

    1. Christine

      Hi Sister Truth, thanks for stopping by! I’m definitely some of a lot of these types myself so I understand LOL. The thing that is so great about my friends is that even though I have a lot, it is always drama-free when a group of us get together (including my big wedding party). I just did a photoshoot party with 14 of my girlfriends and everyone had a ball. But some people prefer a small circle and that’s perfectly fine too 🙂

  4. Meea

    I loved this article and I sent it to all my friends to read as well! I feel blessed because I have always had healthy relationships with women and my friends have been around for over 15 years…another good thing is that a lot of my friends fit multiple categories! ??

  5. maureen

    This piece is awesome. I found myself putting the faces of my friends to match each category lol. I tink I see many of it in me (nt the ride or die chick pls hahaha). Thanks 4 this.

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  7. Misanthrope

    I haven’t had a close female friend since 2003. We all grew apart and I never got any new friends LOL. Oh well, get $$$. Anyway, I fall under “The Ambitious One” All work, very little play. #JANUARYCAPRICORN

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