6 More Reasons You’re Not Walking in Your God-given Shoes

BY: - 16 May '14 | Faith

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My sister and I have started a a movement to inspire confidence and empowerment. We conquered our own personal and professional struggles to finally walk in our purpose. Our book, Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want to Be, addresses issues faced by women of color on a daily basis, including how to integrate culture and heritage with the woman they aspire to be. It gives readers powerful insights from a spiritual perspective regarding the need to find and fit into their own God-given shoes. Through stories of personal tragedy, heartbreak and ultimate triumph, mixed with plenty of humor, we allow you to personally connect with our challenges in the hopes that it will help you overcome your own.

Yesterday we gave you 6 Reasons You’re Not Walking in Your God-given Shoes.  Today, give you 6 more reasons….

7. You haven’t discovered the ultimate weight loss solution: getting rid of excess baggage

Pay attention to your circle of friends. Is it time to recycle some friendships, or let them go altogether? If you’re not surrounded by these types of girlfriends on a consistent basis –The 8 Types of Girlfriends Every Woman Should Have, then chances are, you’re carrying around excess baggage that is keeping you from getting to your destination.

8. You haven’t learned how to turn obstacles into opportunities

So many times we get paralyzed when obstacles and challenges arise. We’re so stuck on the negative, that we fail to see the great opportunity that can be achieved through this one challenge. I love this quote I heard from Eric Thomas: You have to take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity. In other words, your chance might roll right past you because you’re too busy dwelling on what is not instead of what is.

9. You have no idea what it means to find and live in your passion

There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. —Nelson Mandela

Did you know that the vast majority of U.S. workers (70%) are unhappy and unsatisfied at work? That’s according to the 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, which surveyed more than 150,000 full- and part-time workers in 2012. That’s a pretty eye-opening statistic. Why is that number so high? It’s probably because the vast majority of people are probably not living out their purpose. I know for a fact that you can’t be fulfilled unless you are following your heart’s calling.

10. Your external transformation hasn’t caught up to your internal transformation

Wholistic transformation radiates from the inside out. Take time to love all of you because when you look good, you feel good. —Christine St. Vil

For some people, myself included, your journey starts with your external transformation. How do you feel about yourself on the outside? How do you show up for yourself? How do you not show up for yourself when you’re not looking and feeling your best? Come on, y’all know what I’m talking about. When your clothes don’t fit like they used to or you can’t get an appointment with your hairdresser to get that mane under control, it changes the trajectory of any plans you have. What’s going on inside of you will usually match up to what’s going on outside of you.

11. You haven’t learned to embrace your culture

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” –Denis Waitley

Being raised in an African household, culture played a huge role in how we viewed ourselves, and the people we are today. Hiding from my culture to fit in, prevented me from embracing and loving all that I am. Regardless of the culture you were raised in, how has it impacted your own life? Are there things you need to still embrace or maybe even let go of?

12. You haven’t learned to “Do it Afraid”

FEAR has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours.

While my transformational journey is ongoing, it has been all about working through my fears in a way I never had before. Over the last few years I’ve learned that going after and doing the things that scare me the most, are ultimately the things that have opened doors to my success. What fears do you have that are keeping you from walking in your greatness?

WhoseShoesFor more information on Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? you may visit www.whoseshoesbook.com and also order your copy today on Amazon.com.

BMWK: What does walking in and wearing your own shoes mean to you?

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