7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Family Vacation

BY: - 28 May '14 | Travel

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It’s not impossible to save money and still have a good time on vacation. Trust me, I know this for a fact! I’ve compiled a list (from personal experience) of ways for you and your family to have a great time on your next little getaway, without breaking the bank. Some of these tips, I’m sure you may already know, but here are 7 ways to save money on your next family vacation.

1. Discount web sites. Nowadays, there are tons of travel discount sites that offer discounted travel packages. You can book your airfare, hotel, and car rental – or any combination of the three. You can also even bid on your own price and may actually win. Next time you start planning, give it a try!

2. Be flexible. A lot of the websites like the ones above will have last-minute deals that are complete vacation packages which include airfare, car rental, and/or hotel at deeply discounted prices as low as 70% off! The only catch is you have to be pretty flexible because most often the trip would have to take place within the same week and the destination may not be exactly what you had in mind. You can’t go wrong when there’s sun, sand and water involved, right?

3. Membership discount programs. There are several different membership discount programs, like a roadside assistance programs, that can be used for travel. Personally, I only have experience with AAA, and in my opinion, it has a wonderful “perks” program. We get to save a considerable amount of money, not only on our hotel stay, but also on our car rental too! Just make sure that when you’re booking your hotel/ car rental that you either mention it to the agent or look for that savings option online.

4. Hotel perks. Some hotels partner with nearby attractions. Depending on your hotel, you may be able to take advantage of these savings. Some of these deals are advertised on the hotels’ website, the attraction’s website or both! It also doesn’t hurt to ask your concierge upon arrival for any attraction discounts that may not have been advertised.

5. Breakfast. If your hotel doesn’t offer complimentary breakfast, then get your family ready to head out for the day and grab breakfast from a local spot. This is a win-win because you’re likely to stumble upon a really good local favorite and it’s even more likely that the cost savings will be substantial.

6. Public Transportation. Don’t shy away from taking public transportation to get around your destination. Taxis can be pretty expensive, no matter where you are. So, even though you may not be familiar with your surroundings, look at it as part of an adventure. I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love taking the subway and riding the bus!

7. Go off-season. It’s no secret that everyone wants to travel during the summer, spring break, etc. So, you may want to consider traveling to your destination when it’s not peak season. My kids feel like they’ve hit the jackpot when they arrive to the amusement park and there are no lines! This is the way to go, because it’s a lot cheaper and places are way less crowded.

These are just a few ways that save some money on our vacations and I’m always looking for new ways. The more I learn, the more I’ll share. Stay tuned!

BMWK, What tips do you have for saving money on vacation?

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Great Travel Tips from First Lady Michelle Obama

BY: - 29 May '14 | Travel

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If you were given the opportunity, what travel related questions would you ask the First Lady?  Well, students from around the world were given that opportunity and they asked FLOTUS some pretty good questions and she, in turn, gave some great travel advice.

First Lady even revealed what city/country was the destination on her very first school trip which was also her very first passport stamp.  She also revealed that she was very emotional and afraid to ask her Father if she could go.  He said yes and the adventure began.  (lol)

It was a fun interview and here are our favorite travel tips from First Lady Michelle Obama:

  • Put your education first, but seize the opportunity to travel when it presents itself.   Traveling makes us better, smarter and more well-rounded people.
  • Shake the fear!  Don’t be afraid to travel abroad and don’t be afraid to ask your parents (even if it’s expensive) if you can go on that school trip.  Every parent wants their child/children to see the world and broaden their horizons and vice versa.  Parents want to share the world with their children.
  • Be open and enter the experience with no preconceived notions about the destination that you are visiting.
  • Be respectful of the people and the culture you’re visiting.  If residents/locals see that you are trying and respectful of their country and culture, they will be willing to help you.
  • Eat your vegetables even on vacation.  (lol)

For more fabulous travel advice from First Lady Michelle Obama, watch the entire video right here…

BMWK family what advice would you give your child/children on their first school trip (without you)?

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Kirstin Fuller wrote 285 articles on this blog.

Kirstin N. Fuller aka The Travelin Diva is a DC based travel journalist bringing fellow travelers the best deals on family vacations, couples retreats, spa getaways, the best travel gadgets and more in BMWK's exclusive Travel Tuesday & Weekend Travel Guide columns. Check out her new travel blog daily for more deals & destinations www.passenger156.com.


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