Why All Married Couples Need A Kid-Free Vacation

BY: - 8 Jul '14 | Lifestyle

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You love your kids, there’s no denying that, but every summer vacation has always been a family vacation.  It’s great for the entire family to take a much needed break and get away from the daily hustle and bustle of the school year, but couples need to take a break for themselves as well.  When was the last time you and your sweetie went away without the kids?  Can’t remember?  That’s more proof that you are in need of a kids-free vacation!

Here are our top reasons why you need to plan a kid-free vacation/getaway:

  • Keep the spark alive!  Your couples’ getaway is the perfect time to reconnect and remember what brought you together in the first place.
  • Strengthen your marriage.  That’s right, a kid-free getaway is actually very good for your marriage.  It’s hard for your marriage/relationship to thrive and grow if you’re always in “Mommy & Daddy” mode.  You need quality time as a couple, as husband and wife.
  • Sleep!  It may seem like a thing of the past (lol), but a kid-free getaway is a great way to catch up on all that sleep you miss during your busy day-to-day family life.  Recharging your batteries is good for your health, your mood and your sex drive.
  • Reward yourself…you deserve it!  A couples’ getaway is a great way to reward each other and a fabulous way to say ‘Thank You’ for all of your hard work throughout the year.

Leave the guilt at home.  Plan your couples’ getaways around the same time each year and call them ‘kids’ time with grandma and grandpa.’  Trick your kids into thinking your couples’ getaway is all about them and them having fun at their grandparents’ house.  This way they’ll be too busy to play the guilt game on you.  Taking care of your marriage is ultimately great for overall family health.

BMWK what are your favorite types of couples’ getaways?

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