BMWK 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge Week 3: Children/Family

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week 3 gratitus

 Week 1: Self-Gratitude

Week 2: Gratitude for my Spouse/Significant Other

Week 3: Gratitude for my children/family

Week 4: Gratitude for others

Week 3: Daily Gratitude (Children/Family)

One thing I didn’t hear a lot of growing up from my parents was “thank you”. While I know now they have always been grateful for me, I didn’t know it as a kid. So as much as possible, I try to express gratitude regularly to my little ones. And as I continue to do that, my goal is to also express it more regularly to my immediate and extended families. The fact of the matter is that we’re not promised tomorrow. And I want my loved ones to always know that I love them and appreciate them.

Day 14: Write a small note of thanks and put it in your child’s lunchbox. As an added bonus, include their favorite snack as a surprise.

Day 15: Share with your child(ren) one thing they did today that you are grateful for. If you have multiple children, ask them to do the same for each other.

Day 16: Schedule time in the day to be 100% present. Turn off cell phones, tablets and computers. Tell them you’re dedicating this time to them and ask them how they would like to spend it.

Day 17: Go old school. If you don’t already, get some oldschool board games and make it a habit to play them. If not, good old hopscotch, jump rope, red light/green light or freeze tag will work.

Day 18: Write a letter to a family member you haven’t spent quality time with in a while. Let them know how important they are to you.

Day 19: Get out some pictures and start scrapbooking. Electronics are great, but getting those pictures off of your camera or cell phone are even better.

Day 20: Talk to your kids about your dreams. Share with them what you’re working on and where you see your lives as a family. Then ask them to share their dreams with you. Create a family vision board and allow everyone to add pieces of their dream to it.

Day 21: Create new memories. Is there somewhere you’ve been wanting to go or do but haven’t found the time? Create the time and do it today!

Be sure to check back for the last week of this Gratitude Challenge.

BMWK, What ways do you show gratitude to your children and family?

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