4 Staycation Valentine’s Day Ideas Even a Husband Could Do!

BY: - 10 Feb '15 | Marriage

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Valentine’s Day is just a few days away.  Still trying to think of something to do on Valentine’s Day? Can’t whisk your sweetheart away for a romantic getaway to celebrate?  It’s okay! You don’t have to leave town to experience a fabulous Valentine’s Day.  We have a few ideas that will help you enjoy a great Valentine’s Day right in your own city.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to make a Valentine’s Day Staycation very special.

  • Breakfast in Bed! Cooking a fabulous meal for your spouse and surprising them with breakfast in bed is a great way to start your Valentine’s Day. Click here for one of our favorite recipes.
  • Retreat at your favorite local luxury hotel. Enjoy a getaway in the luxury hotel in town that you only dream of visiting.  Most hotels run a romance month/Valentine’s Day special so the timing is perfect.
  • Spa day! Enjoy a day at your favorite spa with couple’s massages and facials followed by a fabulous lunch/brunch at the spas restaurant or a popular eatery in your city.  For a list of great spas in your area visit www.SpaWeek.com
  • Dinner and a movie/concert. A date night at your all-time favorite restaurant followed by a romantic movie or concert by your favorite artist is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. After the dinner, have your server surprise your spouse by serving dessert and a special gift!

Wrap the evening up by surprising your sweetheart with a fabulous gift.  Just when you are about to call it a night, bring out the desert tray with a hidden beautifully wrapped box.  Surprise her with that beautiful right hand (statement) ring she’s been wanting for a while. Surprise him with that diamond bezel watch he really wanted last year for his birthday.  It’s all about celebrating your love through unique and memorable ways.  Your love is special and your Valentine’s Day celebration should be just as special.

BMWK family what are your favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

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