5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Sisterhood Bond in Tact

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Sisterhood. This term gets thrown around so often, but what does it really mean? When you google “black sisterhood”, you’ll get over 7 million hits, some good, some not so good. I’ve shared before about how blessed I am to have some seriously amazing girlfriends in my life. And just like any relationship worth having, it takes work to keep it going strong year after year – even when you go months without even speaking. When you have a good sister-friend, you can pick up right where you last left off, be it three weeks or three months prior.

I actually find it sad when I hear other black women say they don’t have any black girlfriends, or girlfriends altogether. Sisterhood makes life so much sweeter. So if you want to maintain and be able to look back on twenty and thirty plus year friendships, here are 5 simple ways to keep your sisterhood bond in tact.

1. Keep the lines of communication open.

Texts are great for a quick check in, but when is the last time you picked up the phone? Call your girlfriend and even if you have to leave a message, at least she’ll feel special knowing that you’re thinking of her. Communication is a two-way street, so always try your best to reciprocate the love no matter how busy you get.

2. Plan it out in advance

Trust me, I get it. You’re busy, she’s busy, everybody’s busy. But guess what? That will never change. And we always make time for those things that are important to us. So get a date on the calendar 6 months in advance if you need to. There’s nothing like having your girl time live and in-person to hang out and catch up on life.

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3. Create long-term memories

Yes, it’s fun to go out dancing or out to eat. But what about doing something a little different? A couple years ago, I got some of my closest girlfriends together, and we did a photoshoot, and had a good ol’ slumber party in a hotel suite. We had a chef friend cater the food to the room so we could spend more time catching up with each other as opposed to waiting in lines for tables. Maybe you can go to a painting party, or an overnight spa getaway.

4. Don’t take it personally

It may sometimes seem like your sister-friend doesn’t care about what you have going on because of the lack of encouragement or support. But just know that nine times out of ten, it has nothing to do with you. Just know that she might be going through her own stuff and doesn’t want to burden you with her troubles (or rain on your parade). So just go back to #1 and keep the lines of communication open.

5. Ask for support

Just because you post special or exciting news on social media, doesn’t mean everyone sees it. If you need or want support, pick up the phone and ask for it. Don’t assume that she sees your news and should reach out to you. If you have something important you need support on, don’t assume your sister-friend should know. Like our husbands, they aren’t mind readers either. You’d be surprised at how willing people are to help when you simply ask for it.

BMWK: How do you maintain your sisterhood bond with your girlfriends?

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5 WordPress comments on “5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Sisterhood Bond in Tact

  1. Fidelia

    What’s interesting is that you’ve provided some real practical information which some of us may question about our sister-friends and truly it’s not always just “black and white”. We always need to give each other a benefit of the doubt. I love your article but love all these pics even more lil sis! Keep it up!

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  3. Mary

    Lil sis so proud of you and how you keep your relationships both in your home and outside the home flourishing and thanks for the great tips! Keep up the great work…and it’s great to see some of your sister friends that we’ve also known since way back when along with your new sister friends. God bless you all!

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Singer Miranda Brooke & Cincinnati Bengals AJ Green Tie the Knot in Atlanta

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By Bridgette Bartlett-Royall

Confession: Before this morning I had no idea who singer Miranda Brooke or Cincinnati Bengals NFL player AJ Green were. But the twosome tied the knot on March 21st in a lavish Atlanta wedding complete with several dress changes, plenty of bridesmaids and groomsmen, a six layer cake, specially choreographed dances at the reception and enough crystals for an Elton John world tour.

Yet, judging from the pics and videos flooding the net of this affair online, the nuptials of Miranda and AJ weren’t pretentious and gaudy — just a hearty celebration of two people in love who decided to spend the rest of their lived together and wanted to make the most of the monumental occasion their way.


The 24 year-old songstress and 26 year-old jock met on Facebook in 2010. The pair said, “I Do” at ATL’s famed 200 Peachtree venue. Their first dance was to John Legend’s So High and the bride’s father even broke out a fresh pair of Jordans to cut a rug with his daughter during the winter wonderland-themed affair.


AJ-Green-and-Miranda-Brooke-Wedding-anchor-pic-blackbridalblissImages by Unique Design Studios via NecoleBitchie.

See more images and their wedding video at Black Bridal Bliss.

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