2nd Wives Club – The Three #1 Reasons I Appreciate Being Wife #2

BY: - 22 Jul '15 | Lifestyle

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My husband was married once before.  And he enjoyed a five year marriage with his first wife Geneisha.

However, during their 2nd year of marriage, she was diagnosed with cancer. Three years later she won her battle and transitioned to be with our heavenly Father.

In the early stages of our courtship, my husband struggled with what he thought others may think of him starting a new relationship.

After he was able to get pass that hump, we never looked back. I’m sure people wonder how I feel being my husband’s second wife.

To be honest, it’s never been an issue.

This is why, I know for a fact, God created me for my husband. Loving him means loving all of him, which includes his past.

I truly enjoy being his second wife. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. His first wife made him the man he is today.

My husband was at her side during her battle with cancer. And, when she took her final breath, he was tenderly holding her hand.

My husband was already a man when he married his first wife.

But, I know for a fact that through everything, their love and their pain, he grew stronger and learned to love harder.

2. His mindset is already adjusted to marriage.

They say the 1st year of marriage is the hardest. Rightfully so.

It brings two individuals, with two separate lives, and asks them to become one.

Confession: I may stoop to a new level of pettiness sometimes, but my husband doesn’t stand for it.

He once told me “We can be poor, we can argue, but as long as we have our health, we’re good.”

Yes, my husband’s first marriage gave him fresh perspective and healthy expectations for our marriage.

3. I may not be his first, but I’ll be his last.

My husband had a life before me that consisted of marriage.

He has inside jokes, stories, and memories for days. I can’t take that away from him, and I wouldn’t want to.

I may not have been his first, but I will be his last. We enjoy making new memories, while reminiscing on the old ones.

My husband and I have a different type of love story, but I’m sure we aren’t the only ones. Regardless of how “unique” our relationship may seem, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

R.I.P. Geneisha Ryland Carpenter


Are you a second wife? Tell me why you don’t mind being second in the comments below.

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4 WordPress comments on “2nd Wives Club – The Three #1 Reasons I Appreciate Being Wife #2

  1. Chante

    I can so relate to this. At the beginning I wondered if he in fact ready to be one with someone else. I will say that he is a great husband and very attentive, especially when I fall sick. The hardest part is that there are children involved and it requires A LOT.

  2. Susan

    Just a comment. you may want to edit the title. On 1st glance, someone may think this man is married to 2 women, not that this is his 2nd marriage as a widower. Just saying.

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