9 FREE Homeschool Curriculum And Resources You Should Check Out Today

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As a new-ish homeschooling parent, I’m always looking for resources and communities to strengthen and enhance our homeschool experience. While homeschool is a more budget friendly alternative to private school, it can still be costly if you’re not sure where to go, or what resources you need. There are thousands of curriculum out there and plenty of opportunity for you to purchase books or courses for study online.

One thing we’ve learned as we wrap up our second year of homeschooling is that what works for some, may not work for others. And what works for one child may not work for another child. So just practice patience and don’t feel bad if it takes some trial and error to figure out what works best for you.

As I continue with our homeschool journey, I’m always bookmarking helpful sites, resources and curriculum. So I wanted to put together a small list as a stepping stone for others who may be considering or are just getting started with homeschooling. Our kids are ages 4, 5 & 7 so most of these resources are for younger/elementary school aged kids.

Free homeschool curriculum and resources:

1. National Black Home Educators (NBHE)

This organization was started by an innovative family who homeschooled their children for nearly two decades. The mission of NBHE is to highlight and uplift African American homeshooling families across the country. NBHE has grown to become the premiere destination for black homeschool families. They are also affiliated with HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) and provides great membership benefits.

2. African American Homeschool Moms

Homeschooling is on the rise for African American families and this site is dedicated to providing encouragement and resources to African American homeschoolers. There is also a supportive Facebook group.

3. Mater Amabilis

This is a structured and  FREE Charlotte Mason style curriculum for Catholics.  I wasn’t initially sure what a CM style of learning meant, but it can be a relaxed, almost unschooling style to a more formal, structured method. This particular curriculum leans more towards the structured approach. When reviewing the details, I liked that this curriculum teaches independent learning early on.

4. Easy Peasy All-in-one Homeschool

This is a complete and free online Christian homeschool curriculum that is easy to follow for pre-K through high school. This family has created this platform in order to empower other families to homeschool, especially those who feel like they can’t due to time or money pressures. Their six children ages range from 2-15 so they have all the grades covered just about.

5. Khan Academy

This is a free homeschool resource based on the Catholic religion. What I love about this site is that it breaks down each school level. Even if you’re not Catholic, there is a ton of great info, including sample schedules, free resource sites for printables, and more.

6. Free Homeschool Deals

This site has a wealth of knowledge around homeschool, and where to get the latest deals for free or discounted curriculum. They also have a really great list for free “homeschool goodness” so be sure to check it out. Some of it may be full curriculum, and some is part curriculum and is broken down by category.

7. Salsa Spanish

I just recently discovered this awesome free tool. It is free and includes 42 videos that you can watch anytime. It also includes curriculum downloads right on the site at no additional cost. Each session starts with the objectives as well as the correct pronunciation. The first lesson starts here and there is no need to set up a new account. Just click, watch and learn.

8. Classics For Kids

This is another recently discovered site as we were looking for ways to incorporate more fine arts. Lucky for me, my family grew up in the performing arts. So our kids will be taking East African dance and language lessons this summer. But as someone who played the recorder and then the flute for over ten years, I want my kids to experience all types of music and be able to appreciate it. I like that Classics for kids has lesson plans associated with it.

9. Learn to Play Music

I came across this awesome YouTube channel that will literally help you teach your child to play the recorder and learn how to read music at the same time. I was so excited and the kids are too. As soon as we pick up one more recorder, they will start their lessons (because we don’t need anyone fighting over whose turn it is). They have lessons available on the site for most musical instruments.

Even if you’re not a homeschooler, these are some really great resources for you to utilize as a supplement to what your kids are already doing. If you already homeschool, hopefully, some of these resources have been helpful for you.

BMWK: What are some of your favorite free homeschool curriculum and resources that you’ve come across that should be added to this list?  

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“Good men are not the exception. They are simply the other choice.”

A year ago, I posted the above quote on my Facebook page as a result of a particular framing of questions that overwhelm social media and even have found their way into my private space through female friends.  I’m sure you’ve seen if not asked the following questions yourself: “Why do men cheat?”,  “Why is it hard for men to commit?”,  “Why aren’t men honest?”, “Why do men lose interest after sex?”

My first thought when asked such questions is why are these questions asked of all men? Wouldn’t it be more fitting to ask the offenders? It’s like expecting a defense attorney to be qualified to answer questions regarding tax law simply because he’s an attorney. In the same way, though men share the same biology, they do not all share the same ideologies, habits, or practices.

A man who does not fit into any of the above categories is labeled “the exception.” Some would interject here, “I’m only speaking from my own personal experience.” In response, I would ask a few questions of my own. What does your experience suggest about your choices? Why do you choose men that cheat? Why do you choose men that will not commit? Why do you choose men that are dishonest? Why are you more familiar with bad behavior from men rather than good behavior? I realize these questions may be difficult to hear, however, they reflect your specific choices.  As such, you should not expect a qualified answer from men who neither support these behaviors nor the men that practice them.

Men are not monolithic. Ultimately, it breaks down to this. There are good men and bad men. Good men are loyal, honest, trustworthy, and caring. There should be much more time and care given to identifying men that exemplify these qualities and far less attention given to men who don’t. It’s a waste of breath, space, and time to entertain the pursuits of lesser men. First, you must believe that good men do exist outside of fairytales. Good men are not the exception anymore than bad men are the rule. Don’t allow your past experiences to determine the quality of all men. Your experiences, good or bad, represent (1) specific individuals not men in general and (2) your own choices. Time allows us all space to grow. Our choices reflect our level of growth. Choose the good men that you deserve and you will find that better choices yield better results.

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Derek Q. Sanders wrote 50 articles on this blog.

Derek Q. Sanders is the author of the newly released women’s guide to dating men, “Out-Dated: Rethinking How Men Date Women.” He is a certified life & relationship coach, blogger, public speaker, social commentator, and host of the BlogTalkRadio Show, “Writeous Talk on Love and Relationships.” Derek's mission is to foster strong healthy relationships by providing thought-provoking commentary that creates the atmosphere for dialogue that invites meaningful conversations between men and women to improve the quality of our relationships by finding and offering viable solutions.


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