The 3 People Your Health Impacts No Matter Your Weight Amount

BY: - 8 Jul '15 | Lifestyle

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III John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

One of the realities of life is your body’s metabolism slows down the older you get. Before, you could possibly get away with eating fast food a few times a week, or ice cream every night before you went to sleep. This will not last forever because your metabolism will slow down causing those unhealthy habits to catch up with you.

“Metabolism is the breakdown of metabolic fuels we have in the diet,” explains Christopher New- gard, director of the Sarah W. Stedman Nutrition and Metabolism Center at Duke University Medi- cal School. “The primary nutrients in food can be classified as fats, proteins or carbohydrates. I think of metabolism as the way the cells, organs and tissues in our bodies handle those kinds of fuels.”

In other words, it is not just about burning calories, but about eating healthy foods that help us maintain an energized body!”

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Your Health Now:

1. You Need You

Yes, you need you.  You are dependent upon your body to be able to do daily functions throughout the day.  If you’re not treating your body right by staying healthy then you will be negatively impacting your bodies ability to execute the tasks it was made to accomplish.

2. Your Family Needs You

You have friends and family that are dependent upon you.  This point hits home for me because I actually lost a family member due to the lack of paying attention to healthy living.  His body shut down due to excessive eating of unhealthy food and neglect towards sleep.  It doesn’t get real until it hit close to home.  This is why it is essential for you to focus on taking care of yourself because your family will be impacted by your decision not to.

3. Your Future Needs You

There is only one guarantee in life and that is death.  Someday you will die, but the goal is to live for as long as possible.  By taking care of yourself now you can ensure your body makes it to experience the great things life has to offer later in life.

Being healthy is not just about being attractive, but also about valuing yourself. If I gave my little nephew candy every day, he will never turn me down, but that is selfish of me. He is not mature enough to know what is good or bad for him. You are mature enough now to accept that eating out every day, or having sweets for dinner is probably not the best for your body. Take care of yourself because your health will determine how effective you can be at living out God’s purpose for your life.

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Jamal Miller wrote 84 articles on this blog.

Jamal Miller is the Co-Founder of Married and, a community committed to doing relationships God’s way, alongside his wife Natasha Miller. He has been involved in Pastoral Ministry for over 8 years, graduating from Christ for the Nations Institute with his Practical Theology Degree and Ecclesia College with his Bachelors in Christian Leadership. His passion for marriage and healthy relationships has influenced thousands to do it God’s way! He is the author of "25 Ways to Prepare for Marriage Other than Dating". Jamal and Natasha reside in Chicago, IL.


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2nd Wives Club – The Three #1 Reasons I Appreciate Being Wife #2

BY: - 22 Jul '15 | Lifestyle

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My husband was married once before.  And he enjoyed a five year marriage with his first wife Geneisha.

However, during their 2nd year of marriage, she was diagnosed with cancer. Three years later she won her battle and transitioned to be with our heavenly Father.

In the early stages of our courtship, my husband struggled with what he thought others may think of him starting a new relationship.

After he was able to get pass that hump, we never looked back. I’m sure people wonder how I feel being my husband’s second wife.

To be honest, it’s never been an issue.

This is why, I know for a fact, God created me for my husband. Loving him means loving all of him, which includes his past.

I truly enjoy being his second wife. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. His first wife made him the man he is today.

My husband was at her side during her battle with cancer. And, when she took her final breath, he was tenderly holding her hand.

My husband was already a man when he married his first wife.

But, I know for a fact that through everything, their love and their pain, he grew stronger and learned to love harder.

2. His mindset is already adjusted to marriage.

They say the 1st year of marriage is the hardest. Rightfully so.

It brings two individuals, with two separate lives, and asks them to become one.

Confession: I may stoop to a new level of pettiness sometimes, but my husband doesn’t stand for it.

He once told me “We can be poor, we can argue, but as long as we have our health, we’re good.”

Yes, my husband’s first marriage gave him fresh perspective and healthy expectations for our marriage.

3. I may not be his first, but I’ll be his last.

My husband had a life before me that consisted of marriage.

He has inside jokes, stories, and memories for days. I can’t take that away from him, and I wouldn’t want to.

I may not have been his first, but I will be his last. We enjoy making new memories, while reminiscing on the old ones.

My husband and I have a different type of love story, but I’m sure we aren’t the only ones. Regardless of how “unique” our relationship may seem, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

R.I.P. Geneisha Ryland Carpenter


Are you a second wife? Tell me why you don’t mind being second in the comments below.

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Nikki Carpenter wrote 46 articles on this blog.

Nikki Carpenter, also known as Nikki and The City, is an urban media expert from Chicago who loves to travel and report on issues that impact different cultures and communities. Nikki's work has been featured on Huff Post LIVE, Jet Magazine, and ESSENCE just to name a few.


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