7 Things that Will Make Your Family Happier…And Isn’t that What Really Matters

BY: - 8 Sep '15 | Lifestyle

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As a mom of two I can tell you that when I am tired, stressed out, and just plain overwhelmed, it’s probably hard for everyone around me to bubble over with joy. Of course I don’t go out of my way to make anyone unhappy, but trying to run a happy home when I’m just not happy is hard, if not near impossible.

And it’s not just mom’s mood that impacts the family. Everyone plays a role in how things flow in your home and what type of energy is felt. Life is busy and everyone has their own stuff going on, and if we aren’t mindful, stress can become the norm and the happiness that we all desire starts to fade.

If you want to get happy and stay happy, follow these 9 happy steps!

I firmly believe that creating a happy home is a choice. It’s not easy to do, and even happy families have issues and run into unhappy moments. But if we make an effort to do things that nurture our spirits and strengthen our family unit, we will find an increase in overall happiness.

Here are tips that, while they definitely won’t make your life perfect, will make your family happier. And isn’t that what really matters?

Get moving

Making fitness a family priority is so important. By doing physical activities with your family, not only do you reap the many benefits of exercise, but you also get to spend quality time together around something that is positive and sure to benefit everyone involved.



Exercise is proven to improve moods and lower stress levels. Now what family wouldn’t benefit from that? It’s time to hit the trails.

Give technology a break

I think technology is great, and I appreciate all of the conveniences I enjoy because of it, but I also recognize that it can become a problem if families are not mindful.

If you have older children, the idea of taking technology breaks may be met with some resistance, but if it’s done consistently, the whole family will ultimately benefit from the breaks. Pick times throughout the week where television, computers, and all mobile devices are off limits. It’s a great way to connect with the people you love most and disconnect from everyone else.

Establish a fun night

A family that plays together stays together. I know it sounds corny, but it’s true. Life is busy and it can feel like the to-do list never ends, but taking time to laugh and have fun with your family is critical.

Make sure you always switch it up since different people in your family make enjoy different things. When it comes to having a happy family, a little fun goes a long way.

Don’t ignore behavior changes

When someone in your family seems different, don’t ignore it.

A change in behavior can be anything from stress, to recent problems, to depression.

Because you really don’t know what’s going on, keep the lines of communication open with everyone in your family without being pushy. Having a happy family has a lot to do with making sure people get help when they need it most.

Express gratitude together

One of the best habits for helping people appreciate what they have is expressing gratitude regularly. Everyone is always focused on expressing gratitude and talking about their blessings when November rolls around.  But expressing gratitude year-round can really help your family keep thing in perspective and enjoy all they’ve been blessed with.

Here are 5 cool ways the entire family can express gratitude.

Do something special for someone else

Coming together as a family to provide for others is so powerful. Whether you are doing something for a family in need, helping your neighbors out, or creating care packages for troops abroad—you should definitely think of ways your family can unite to give back. Nothing lifts spirits more than doing for others, so make it a family affair.

Show appreciation often

People want to feel appreciated. I actually have never met anyone who doesn’t want to feel appreciated. When each family member makes an effort to show others how much they appreciate them, it creates a much happier family unit. Showing appreciation lets the people in your life know that you SEE them and what they do MATTERS to you. I can’t think of too many things that feel better than that.

BMWK family, what are your tips for having a happy family?

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