3 Things Die-hard Football Fans Can Teach Us About Building a Strong Family

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Football season comes and then football season goes. It only lasts for a few months, but the fans are fans all year long – in good times and in bad. It may sound strange, but there are lessons to be learned from die-hard football fans that can be transferred over to being a fan of your family.

Here are 3 characteristics of a die-hard football fan that can help you become a die-hard fan of your family:

Optimism mixed with hope

Die-hard football fans are full of optimism. It doesn’t matter if their team is down or up. Optimism mixed with hope prevails. The team can be down in the third quarter; the die-hard fan has hope that in the last quarter his team is going to make a comeback. Even if it means going into overtime.

The die-hard fan is motivated by possibility.

Transfer this to the family setting. Even when it looks like you are behind and losing the battle, let hope and optimism show up on the scene and keep pushing forward.

Hope gives you something to hold on to. The motivation of possibility gives reason to try again. When hope is fulfilled, let the celebration begin and get ready to tackle the next goal.



Die-hard fans remain true to their team. They wear t-shirts, hats, and hang flags to let everyone know what team they are on. Die-hards don’t let anyone talk bad about their team. They stick up for them. Their loyalty goes far beyond the ending score of a single game.

Die-hard fans are in it for the long haul. They are faithful, devoted, dependable, and consistent.

Transfer this to the family setting. Faithful, devoted, dependable, and consistent – all good family qualities. Your family should be able to count on you to be these things. Let your family know that nothing and no one will come between you.


Wives – let it be known that you are that ride or die chick your husband can depend on. Husbands – make sure your wife and kids understand where your allegiance falls.

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Boast about the good

Foul weather, long waits, investment of time and money, it’s all worth it. The possibility of a good outcome makes the tough moments worth it. Die-hard fans don’t dwell on the negative.

If you hear a die-hard talking about the negative, they are talking about how the team OVERCAME the setback.

Die-hards don’t like to talk about the bad but gladly share and boast in the good times.

Transfer this to the family setting. Keep focused on the good. Talk about the bad in terms of how you overcame. Gladly share the good that is going on; not bragging, but being proud of your family.

The lesson here – be that die-hard fan for your family – optimistic and full of hope. Let the excitement of possibility keep you focused on your favorite team – Team __________________ (insert your last name).

BMWK family – My last name is Mills. So my team is team MILLS. Let us know who you are. Insert your team name in the comments.

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