Here’s Why You Should Speak the Power of Gratitude Into Your Life

BY: - 20 Nov '15 | Relationships

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We are lucky.

If you’re reading this post in the comfort of your own home, or under the sheets on your cell phone, surfing your own personal wi-fi, you are lucky.

Every single day on this planet is wrought with endless amounts of unspeakable suffering and enduring hope. The fact that each of us wake up in the morning with the hope of making a better day for ourselves or others we care about is something to be grateful for.

  • We are thankful for the people in our lives who truly care about our well being.
  • We are thankful for the security to sleep soundly under our own roofs.
  • We are thankful to have the option to have a meaningful impact.
  • We are thankful for choice.
  • We are thankful options.
  • We are thankful for another opportunity to get it right.

What’s hard for many people to reconcile is that they are lucky in spite of their faults and shortcomings. If not for the simple fact that along with suffering, faults are traits we all share. We’re grateful to share our burdens. We’re all lucky in spite of our own selves.


It’s hard for people to allow gratitude in because it can’t reside in the same space as hate. A person is forced to choose between one or the other every single day. It’s in most corporate interests to breed one rather than the other. It’s in our own best interest to know what’s best for ourselves – gratitude or hate?

There can only be gratitude. If you can still find the courage to laugh deeply, you can be thankful.

There can only be gratitude. If you can still find the courage to laugh deeply, you can be thankful.Mental depression is a real thing. Many people run out of genuine laughter. Many lose hope as everything is a burden. For many this isn’t a choice.

My brother committed suicide. Even with two beautiful children and a wife who could desperately use his presence and comforting word, he’s not here. We all try to be grateful for the rest of us who are still around. I can still make meaningful memories with my nieces and nephew although he can’t.

Perhaps one day we will choose to be grateful for the ability to speak up about the reasons so many of us feel so alone. Perhaps on that day we lose less of us to suicide.

Human suffering is universal. Be grateful it’s not just you. We only get through our lives with others. Even when people suck – because they can and will – we always need each other.

I’m grateful to speak up. I’m grateful if someone finds my words of use. I’m more grateful when others decide to speak as well.

BMWK, what and who are you grateful for?  Will you speak up?

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Isom Kuade wrote 70 articles on this blog.

Isom Kuade is a father and a husband, resting his head in the middle of Texas. He's doing his best to adult with purpose and sneak in some good meals along the way. He and his wife tell stories of their triumphs, failures, and biased opinions at


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Do Your Relationship Actions Match Your Marriage Rep?

BY: - 20 Nov '15 | Marriage

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How many of you have ever met a couple that really seemed to have it together and thought to yourself, “wow they are a great couple. I’d like to have a relationship like that one day.”

Not only do they appear to love each other deeply, they also seem to really like each other.  They laugh and have fun together. She is a good wife and mother. He is a good husband and father.

Your first reaction is shock.

They seem to fully support each other’s dreams and goals. They both seem to be deeply committed to each other, their relationship, and their family. They even openly talk about the fact that their relationship is built on God, trust, and respect.

To Tell or Not To Tell…Damn it…So this is who you really are

Now, you don’t view them as the “perfect” couple, but as a very solid couple whose relationship you admire and in many ways would pattern your own relationship after. This is a couple that you would hang out with and seek healthy relationship advice from.

This couple attends your church, or their kid plays on your child’s soccer team, or their significant other is your co-worker; so you’ve had an opportunity to watch this couple interact from a close distance.

One day, one half of the couple whose relationship you have admired and respected, does the unthinkable and hits on you.

  • Your first reaction is shock.
  • Your second reaction is disappointment; not because you thought they were perfect, but because you were truly proud of their relationship and were genuinely rooting for them.
  • Your third reaction is, “Excuse me. What gave you the impression that I was into betrayal and deceit just because you are?”
  • Your last reaction is hurt and embarrassment for the unsuspecting mate.

Now you feel a deep sense of hurt and betrayal for their significant other every time you see them; especially when you hear them talk about how wonderful, faithful, trustworthy, and God-fearing their mate is. Now you’re faced with the age old question…To tell or not tell.

What would happen if?

How many of you engage in behaviors that have made your mate a person that people silently pity, and feel sorrow, shame, and embarrassment for?

How many of you have shamelessly committed acts that have made your mate the laughing stock and the target of hushed whispers and pointed fingers when they enter a room? So, what would happen if…for instance:

  • Would you dare to allow your mate to ride in your car if, upon starting your car, it automatically replayed all of the inappropriate telephone calls made, texts sent, videos watched, and pictures you’ve taken in it?
  • Would you feel comfortable taking your mate to your job if your work persona was revealed to them every time you introduced them to someone?
  • Would you feel comfortable with your mate playing a game of truth or dare with some of the people you praise and worship with every Sunday at church?
  • Would you feel very uncomfortable if your mate was given the opportunity to have a no holds barred one on one conversation with some of your friends, family members, staff at your children’s school, or other parents and coaches on your kids little league team?
  • In any of these scenarios would your mate learn that you’ve not been as committed to them and the relationship as you have portrayed?
  • Would everything you’ve built fall like a deck of cards?
  • If you’re honest with yourself about who you’ve been behind your mate’s back would you want to be in a relationship with you?
  • Would you want your kids to marry someone that behaves like you?

Why Risk it?

I must admit that as a Relationship Coach, I’ve heard and seen just about everything.  As such, I’m not shocked by anything. However, I am still really amazed at the choices people willingly make that could potentially jeopardize their relationships and family life.

TNMFamilyExcitedIf you’ve worked hard to really build a partnership with your (best friend, lover, and confidant), why do you so callously risk losing it?

If you’ve spent years building a reputation as a good father, good wife, a stand up person in your church and the community, why open the doors that could tarnish your reputation in a matter of minutes.

If you’ve put in many years of blood, sweat, and tears to build the career of your dreams and some of your success in that career is associated with you being a stand-up, family oriented, god-fearing person….why, why, why I ask, do you risk losing your livelihood, family, and reputation all at once for a moment in time.

The True Value of Relationship

Life has confirmed for me that everyone is not blessed with an opportunity to experience love.  My work has confirmed that falling in love is easy but staying in love is hard work.

We have multiple opportunities to make money or replace lost possessions.  But not everyone is afforded the opportunity to love and be loved. What good are all the money, material possessions, travel, accomplishments, etc.,  if you have no one meaningful in your life to share them with.

I urge people to think about their actions and the impact they could have on them, their mate, and their family.  Don’t degrade yourself, disrespect your mate, or disgrace your family.

Instead, work to create a relationship that others respect and admire and not one that to be pitied and gossiped about.

BMWK families are your actions causing your mate to be silently pitied or openly admired and respected?

About the author

LaDawn Elliott wrote 43 articles on this blog.

LaDawn Elliott is a highly sought after Relationship Life Coach, Relationship Expert Advice Columnist, dynamic Speaker, powerful Facilitator, and the creator and host of Atlanta’s Premier Love, Sex, and Relationship Video Blog Lip Service Lounge. Her clients call her the “Relationship Rescuer” because of her No Limits coaching style. She guarantees a breakdown for breakthrough. She is proven, purposed, powerful, and passionate and has made GOD’s vision to strengthen and save the family unit one relationship at a time her daily mission.


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