Couples: Here’s Why You Should Create a Marriage Vision Board for 2016

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Tonight, I’m writing this from our AirBNB rental in Denver, Colorado. My wife and I have been wanting to hit this city for a while now, and after tonight, we can cross it off our life’s to-do list. This weekend is going to be a blast. And we may not have gotten here if it wasn’t for our vision board we use to guide our minor and major marriage decisions.

By now, you’ve heard about these vision boards. Most of them look like some version of your kid’s after school project replete with Elmer’s glue and a living room full of discarded magazine clippings. You may have even come across a vision board workshop invite on your Facebook feed. They’re everywhere because they’re talking to you. And it’s saying:

You need a vision for your life.

Yes, you need a vision for your life.

Life is designed to beat you into a routine of submissive mindlessness. This skill is vey helpful for keeping the mortgage and rent paid, but does very little to stir the soul.

You married your spouse because they stirred your soul. Creating that vision two of you can share glimpses of the future the both of you are working so for. These images are for you and your marriage. No two will ever be alike. Most can never be wrong – as along as they’re created together.

My wife and I have a digital Pinterest board. It’s something modern we can both add to, share, send, and keep on our smartphones in front of us to see whenever we need to. We look at phones so much these days, we all might at as well be paying attention to something worthwhile. A digital board also allows us to access the wide and wonderful internet, so we can add to with a few clicks and swipes.

New mountain town in in the Rockies? Click – Swipe.

New interesting architect on the scene focused on 0 carbon homes for the masses? Click – Swipe.

Simple. For us. Find what works for you.


Take a look at your own search history. What are you looking up everyday? What questions are you asking? Who’s stories are your reading? What inputs are you accepting? What does Google know about you? Then ask yourself this:

If you had to make a sharable. vision board using only your browser history as images you could use, would you be proud to share it?

If the answer is yes, then congratulations, you just need to share more with your spouse. Speak up and speak life into your future. Rally around shared goals, rather than spite or some false sense of obligation. Get it done, you’re in the fast lane. Pull The Trigger.

If the answer is no, then you need to rethink about what you’re regularly allowing yourself to take in from the world around you. Every single marriage starts with the self. It’s your responsibility to bring your self into the marriage. It’s the perfect time as we all move into the new year.

You can go old school vision board, adding clippings that still speak to your sense of wonder. Could you be so daring to share what that looks like with the person who shares your bed every night? As long as your vision for you life remains hidden, no one can help you mine the right pieces you need to build with. The cliché is there for a reason – it all comes down to communication and a willingness to understand.

On top of that foundation of communication and understanding runs the machine who’s job it is to focus the family’s energy into something worthwhile. Most of us are simply working individuals who’s goal is to have a secure, impactful, kind, nurtured, fed and safe family whose kids have a shot a better tomorrow.

Because we’re lucky we can do so.

Because our ultimate modern American privilege is that it’s possible if we want it.

But it has to start with a vision.

BMWK, What are you and your spouse working on?

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Black Female Physicist Awarded $1.1 Million for Ground Breaking Cancer Research

BY: - 8 Jan '16 | Home

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Dr Hadiyah-Nicole Green2Feature2

Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, an assistant professor at Tuskegee University, has taken on the challenge of defeating cancer with the help of a million-dollar grant.

AL reports that Dr. Green, one of fewer than 100 Black female physicists in America, was given the $1.1 million grant a few months ago to study technology that targets particular cancer cells. Green explained that while medicine helps most patients, it doesn’t work for all.

The disease played a major role in Green’s own life. The St. Louis native attended Alabama A&M University, earning a bachelor’s degree in physics with a concentration in fiber-optics. On a full scholarship, Green attended University of Alabama at Birmingham for her master’s and Ph.D. degrees. After her parents passed away, Green lived with her aunt and uncle, both of whom were diagnosed with cancer.

Taking time off to help her uncle with radiation and chemotherapy, she witnessed first-hand the effects of treatment. Green said her aunt decided not to undergo the same treatment due to fear of the side-effects. This experience, paired with her education, caused Green to look into the theory that lasers could treat cancer cells. Lasers have already been considered by biologists, but Green has been able to create a platform technology that isn’t custom-made for one type of cancer.


AL reports:

“I’m really hoping this can change the way we treat cancer in America,” said Green. “There are so many people who only get a three-month or six-month survival benefit from the drugs they take. Then three or six months later, they’re sent home with no hope, nothing else we can do. Those are the patients I want to try to save, the ones where regular medicine isn’t effective for them.”

The way the technology works is that an FDA-approved drug containing nanoparticles is injected into a cancer patient and causes the patient’s tumor to fluoresce (glow) under imaging equipment. The goal is for a laser to activate the nanoparticles by heating them.

“They are not toxic, so without the laser they won’t kill anything, and the laser by itself is harmless, so without the particles it won’t hurt anything,” said Green. “Because of their need to work together and their inability to work apart, I can insure that the treatment is only happening to the cancer cells we target and identify.”

In addition to her research, Green has made time to volunteer at Boys & Girls Clubs and speak to the youth about her work. Because her field doesn’t have a lot of African-American representatives, Green said she doesn’t want Black youth who are fascinated with science to feel discouraged about following their dreams.

Read the rest of the story at Elev8.

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