20 Marriage Affirmations that Will Breathe Life Into Your Marriage Today

BY: - 28 Jan '16 | Marriage

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I am always looking for new ways to breathe life into my marriage. I believe that being comfortable in any part of your life, including your marriage is a dangerous place to be. People who “fall out of love” don’t just stop loving each other overnight.

It starts because they get comfortable and eventually take one another for granted. I don’t ever want to look at my husband and wonder who he is or why we’re together. I want this love and the bond that we have to last a lifetime. But I know that it’s going to take unconditional love, prayer and a powerful committment to make it happen.

My husband and I recently watched the War Room, and I have to admit that I got checked; actually, we both did. This movie helped me realize that I didn’t have a prayer strategy in place for my marriage, specifically for my husband.


If you’re late to the game like we were, and you haven’t watched this movie, I highly recommend it! It’s a must watch whether you’re married or not.

I am big on reading, writing, and reciting affirmations. I have an affirmations app on my phone that sends me notifications of my favorite ones throughout the day. After watching the movie, I decided to get focused and create not only a prayer strategy for my husband and our marriage, but also some marriage affirmations. My hope is that these affirmations help you as much as I know they will help my husband and me.

Here are 20 Marriage Affirmations to powerfully elevate your relationship today:

  1. My marriage grows stronger and more loving every single day.
  2. My marriage is built on love, trust, and loyalty.
  3. My spouse is so supportive and helpful and encourages me to follow my dreams.
  4. {Insert name} and I are happier and more in love today than the day we were married.
  5. My spouse loves me unconditionally & their love helps me to be a better person.
  6. My wife/husband is a true blessing in my life and our marriage is a miracle.
  7. My marriage is prayerful, powerful and passionate.
  8. My marriage is a joy and a gift from God.
  9. I am loyal, devoted, and compassionate every day to {insert name}.
  10. My spouse is one of my greatest blessings and I will treat them with honor and respect.
  11. My spouse is capable of becoming the person that God created them to be.
  12. We strive for greatness in our marriage and will not settle for anything less.
  13. I enjoy falling in love with the same person over and over again as if for the first time.
  14. I attracted the perfect mate who enjoys my presence and I accept him/her wholeheartedly.
  15. I am faithful to my spouse and my spouse is faithful to me.
  16. My marriage is built on a rock-solid foundation that will stand the test of time
  17. I love my spouse with all of my heart, mind, body and soul.
  18. I look forward to growing old with my spouse by my side.
  19. My marriage is free from hurt, anger and lack.
  20. My marriage is full of abundance, love, and compassion.

BMWK: What are some ways that you renew and reignite the bond you share with your spouse?

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Christine St. Vil wrote 153 articles on this blog.

Christine St.Vil is co-author of the Whose Shoes Are Your Wearing: 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want to Be. A happy wife to an amazing hubby of 8 years, and homeschooling mother of three, she teaches moms how to FLY (First Love Yourself). She uses her corporate background to work with women who are ready to start a new business, accelerate their career growth & design a life they love. She's on a mission to help moms to battle the mom guilt epidemic, so they can begin to put themselves first on their never-ending list of priorities.


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5 Ways to Get the Love You Deserve…Without Begging Your Mate For It

BY: - 28 Jan '16 | Marriage

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Jada Pinkett-Smith is on some-ole…Public Enemy – Fight the Power…type-a stuff. In response to what some are now saying is the Academy’s continual snub of Oscar nominations of black actors, directors, and movies starring black actors in leading roles, Jada took to social media and published a 2 ½ minute soft-spoken, yet Sista-Soulja-esque, canon-over-the-bow shot at the Academy.

She raised the question…have people of color amassed enough power and influence that we no longer have to beg for love, acknowledgment, or respect from other people? But, by “…begging for acknowledgement…or even asking, diminishes dignity. And diminishes power.”

When I heard her statement, I couldn’t help but think of all the people in unhappy marriages and relationships to whom this applies. Over the last 16 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of dating, engaged, married, and separated couples. And what pains me is seeing one partner beg and plead for love, acknowledgment, and the respect they feel they deserve but are not getting from their mate.

Can I ask you…have you ever felt…or do you currently feel like your partner doesn’t see you? They don’t know who you are. They don’t recognize your value or worth. They don’t understand how hurtful and adversely impacting their attitude and decisions are to you, the kids, and the relationship. In an effort to validate yourself, is it going too far…to get all Jennifer Holiday on em’ – and be like, “And you, and you, and you, you’re gonna love me!”

I know that song brings audiences to a standing ovation, but do you really want to be in a relationship where you have to beg for love? If you don’t feel like you’re getting the love you deserve, stop begging for it and try these 5 steps instead.

1. Sacrifice Love

Love is willingly sacrificing something you want for the betterment of someone else. The sacrifice can be small (letting him pick the restaurant) or big (letting her pick which house to buy). But you must be willing to sacrifice something for your mate.

2. Sow Love

You cannot reap what you do not sow. Therefore, you must sow the love your mate feels they deserve…even if you don’t think they deserve it. Why? Because you want your mate to give you the love you feel you deserve…even if they don’t think you deserve it.


3. Express Love

Answer these questions, “I feel loved when…? I feel respected when….? I feel appreciated when…?” Expressing love to your mate this way lets them know exactly what they can do to show you love. A fun way to ease the intensity of this conversation is to make it a game where the two of you go back and forth answering these questions.

4. Live Love

You have to live it…not just do it (no shade to Nike). Take what your mate just expressed and commit to do one of them once a day. Sowing and expressing love once, in the beginning of your relationship, won’t cut it. Consistently sowing and expressing it over and over again will build a loving environment in your relationship.

5. Tough Love

After having consistently sowed and expressed love, if you feel you are still not getting the love you feel you deserve, then start pulling back on some of the acts of love you were previously willing to sacrifice. Make it clear that this about-face is a direct consequence to the lack-of-love you feel you’re receiving. The less emotional you are when doing this, the more effective this will be in persuading them to change.

As you can see, getting the love you feel you deserve requires actions from both of you. It’s not just one sided. There are probably some changes you’re going to have to make…as well as your mate.

But make no mistake…you can’t make anybody do something they don’t want to do; and you can’t stop anybody from doing something they want to do. In this love-game, there’re no guarantees. But love should be freely given. If it’s not, then follow the five steps outlined above. But whatever you do, don’t go all Jennifer Holiday on em’ and start begging for it. As Jada said in her commentary, that only diminishes your dignity and power.

BMWK — Do you agree? How do you make sure you get the love you feel you deserve?

About the author

Heath Wiggins wrote 83 articles on this blog.

The Purveyor of Understanding - Heath Wiggins married Bernadette (Bernie) Wiggins in October 1997. Together they founded the Family Bootcamp, LLC., a relationship consulting business that helps people improve the communication and trust in relationships. In 2013, Heath launched the blog and book His Leadership Her Trust to combat the lack of trust women had in allowing men be leaders in their relationships. His mission is to teach Christian men how to lead in such a way that women trust, respect, and actually want to them.


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