The 3 Elements that Make a Very Powerful Marriage

BY: - 11 Mar '16 | Faith

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I have talked to many people who either came from bad situations or never had the opportunity to trust in their relationships. We see an example of how to trust in Christianity; the foundation of the relationship with Christ is to trust in Him and believe in Him even when we can’t see with certainty what we desire in the present moment.

The same is true of relationships with our spouses. So allow me to illustrate the parallel and show you how powerful trust is in our lives.


There aren’t many things we can guarantee of any human being, but there is one that every spouse can vouch for: we are flawed. We will fail. We will come up short. We won’t do the chores we agreed to. We will forget to honor a commitment, pay a bill or something else we have agreed to do in our marriage. Regardless of these flaws and imperfections, we consented to have strong faith in our marriage and each other when we took our vow.

Ultimately, faith is knowing your spouse is working for the growth and health of your marriage, even when they are imperfect. We must have faith in each other and our marriages to truly recognize the power we have as a couple.


With faith, comes expectation. We will have expectations of each other, and we must work to consciously meet those expectations. Meeting expectations we have set for each other, should be another way of honoring our marriage.

If faith is believing, then expectation is the ability to see your belief completed beforehand and knowing it will be done. If you want to have a healthy marriage, especially for men, meet your wife’s expectations. Learn them, and make it a point to execute to her expectation. She will love the fact you honor her expectations time and again, which strengthens your marriage.



Trust is a little bit of faith and expectation rolled into one. Trust is also giving you the authority with whatever the trust is applied to. Men, if your wife is trusting you with the finances, she has faith you will handle them; expectation they will be taken care of as agreed; and trust that you are the authority to make it happen.

There is power in trust. When you trust each other, you give and share authority to grow as individuals and as a couple.

Some struggle with trust. But when you can be trusting and when you can receive and honor the trust, it takes marriage to a higher level. A woman who knows she can trust you in all things is a woman who will be at your side and have your back for life.

The power in a couple who loves, honors and unconditionally trusts each other is something couples should aspire to, and it should not be taken for granted.

BMWK, can you give your spouse this kind of trust?

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