Black Business Spotlight: She Owns 11 McDonald’s and Here Are 2 Reasons We Need to Support Her

BY: - 25 Oct '16 | Entrepreneurship

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Vicki Chancellor_ McDonalds_On Your Corner

Nowadays, there’s a lot of focus on supporting black-owned businesses and financial institutions. And rightfully so, because small businesses account for 60 to 80 percent of all jobs in the US (according to Entrepreneur Magazine.)

So any time you support a small business in your community, you are also supporting job creation and economic growth in that community.

We sat down with Vicki Chancellor, who along with her husband David owns and operates 11 McDonald’s restaurants in the Atlanta metro area. And she had two very important things to share with us.

1. McDonald’s Franchise owners are small business owners.

When a lot of people think of McDonald’s restaurants, they think of the large corporation.  But Vicki Chancellor wants people to know that she (and David) are small business owners who are operating and making an impact in the local communities they serve (just like any other small business.) And they are hiring individuals in the community and helping them to work toward their dreams.

McDonald’s franchise stores (not owned by the McDonald’s corporation) employ more than 15,000 people in the Atlanta metro area. (Source: McDonald’s, March 2016)

2. She’s not just on your corner, she’s in your corner.

Secondly, Vicki Chancellor wants you to know her stores are not only on your corner, but they are in your corner as they provide employment and educational opportunities to the people in the communities that they serve. Not only does she employ people from the local community, but she helps them to further their education (from getting high school diplomas to college credits.) And, she also supports the local schools through mentorship programs and provides schools supplies to the kids every year at back to school time.

McDonald’s restaurants collectively spent nearly $485.3 million dollars in Georgia’s communities, or more than $1.3 million per day. These restaurants returned nearly 48 cents of every dollar they earned to their local economies (Source: Economic Impact Study – Georgia McDonald’s; 2011)

And that’s reason enough to support Vicki and David Chancellor and other small business owners in your local community. So the next time you are visiting a local McDonald’s in your area, take pride in knowing that you are supporting job creation and opportunities right there in your local community.

BMWK – Take a few moments to leave Vicki and David Chancellor a comment below, encouraging them to keep doing good work in the community.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by local McDonald’s restaurants and created to highlight their commitment to the communities they serve by providing education and learning opportunities, as well as supporting community initiatives. All opinions are my own.

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