Fellas, Here are 5 Overlooked, Nontraditional Places to Find a Decent Woman

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Fellas, when considering where to find a woman, I’m sure many of the traditional places come to mind. Places like a nightclub, the grocery store or church always come up when we think of places where we can meet women.

While, it’s true you can meet women in those places and create friendships and sometimes more, I think men should consider some venues that normally aren’t thought of.  Sometimes, these nontraditional places are places where you could meet the best type of woman for you!  Let’s explore these five options.

PTA Meeting

Sounds crazy, right?  If you have children and you attend these meetings to make sure you support the school fundraiser or silent auction, you know there are single (and available) women there as well. I can tell you I have met women in that environment who didn’t necessarily even realize they were looking for anything, but when the right opportunity came along, they were interested.

Also, meeting women in the PTA environment breaks down the barrier of whether or not you are interested in a woman with children.  You’re at a PTA meeting, so you KNOW she has children—and you’re okay with it.  She will appreciate that quality in you from the beginning.


The Hookup

No, not that kind of hookup!  I’m talking about the hookup when your friends hook you up with someone.  Some people are apprehensive about these kinds of connections, but you have to remember that your close friends know you as well or better than anyone.  They know what you are attracted to, they know what you like and dislike and they know your values and standards.  Who better than them to find you a match?

I experienced this first hand.  One of my best friends wanted to introduce me to his girlfriend’s best friend.  Straight up blind date.  I was apprehensive as well, I really didn’t want to do it.  My friend told me she was an entrepreneur, we had similar interests and he believed I would dig her.  If I didn’t, no harm, no foul, I just met a new person.  Ironically, we had a great first date, and we have been inseparable ever since.  “The hookup” is how I met my awesome wife!

Take a Trip

You will remember Eddie Murphy’s character in Coming to America spun a globe and landed on Queens, New York and proclaimed he was going to find his queen…in Queens!  It’s hilarious in the movie, but it’s really not a bad idea.

Our surroundings get complacent.  We start to feel like we have seen the same people with the same cultural tendencies for too long. Try going to another city, state or country to find a great woman.  In my single days, I have taken trips to other cities to meet women in different environments. It expands your network, broadens your horizon of culture and gives you something fresh and exciting to consider on the dating scene.


Professional Associations

I have a friend who realized his associations were some of his best connections for women.  He always says, “you begin with a shared interest, which gives you a foundation of something to talk about.”  The association also inherently tells you a lot about the depth of their interest.  Now, it’s up to you to do the rest.  You want to make sure you don’t affect your professional relationship, but there is definitely an opportunity for you to meet quality women in this kind of environment.

Conferences about Women’s Topics

Most professions have conferences, but those related to topics that concern women are especially great opportunities to meet great women.  If you can find a reason to attend a conference with women where you can align some of what you do with what they are talking about, you have found a great opportunity to connect with awesome women!

In my single years, I’ve made great connections with women at these types of events.  The best thing about these kinds of events is there is not much you have to do to make connections other than to talk to people who are already there to talk about the topic at hand!

These are just five options, but there are many other great places to find women.

BMWK, What are some other nontraditional places you have found a decent woman? Ladies, what other places should men frequent to find good women?

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