5 Prayers for Better Sex and Intimacy in Your Marriage

BY: - 28 Nov '16 | Intimacy

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We pray for many things in our marriage. So why not better sex and intimacy? If the Bible dedicates an entire book to this subject, it must be important and require our attention. It may seem weird at first to pray over sex and intimacy, but God is concerned about every aspect of your marriage.

When praying be sure to cover these five areas. Insert your spouse’s name in each blank.

  1. A Safe Place for Open Communication
    Lord grant me the gift of open communication with _____________ concerning our sex and intimacy. Give me a desire to share my heart and hear his/her heart in this area. Allow us to create a safe place for one another where we feel secure enough to open our hearts and tell one another our wants and desires.

Scripture: Ephesians 4:15; Psalm 4:8

  1. A Healthy Body Image
    Father, show us how to be confident in the bodies you have given us. Give us the courage to stand in the truth that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in your image and know that our bodies are a gift from you. Pray that the sight and touch of my body are both pleasing to _________________. And his/her body is pleasing and brings me pleasure. Thank you Lord for allowing me to marry your son/daughter.

Scripture: Genesis 1:27; Psalm 139:14

  1. Healing from Past Hurts
    Past hurts are real. Thank you for being the God that heals. You are powerful enough to heal what seems to be inconsolable. Right now, I release all hurt and pain associated with ______________________ (event), and I receive your healing. Past hurts will no longer hinder my intimacy with __________________. It is done in Jesus name.

Scripture: Genesis 50:20; Matthew 11:28; Psalm 107:19-21

  1. A Desire to Please One Another
    ___________________ and I are joined together as one. Our desire is for you first, and then for one another. We will forever be satisfied with one another because our love for one another is based on a love for you. It is not solely physical or emotional but complete in you.

Scripture: Proverbs 5:18-23; Malachi 2:15

  1. Keep the Enemy Out of the Bedroom
    I declare that ________________ and I satisfy each other sexually and intimately. We are each other’s good thing. We will let nothing come between that. Our marriage bed is sacred and no devil in hell will defile that sanctity. When faced with any tempting situation, you have already given us a way out and you are that way. We will rely on you.

Scripture: Proverbs 18:10; 1 Corinthians 10:13

Isn’t it exciting to introduce this area of your marriage into your prayer life. Sex and intimacy are a vital part of the marriage relationship. We pray about a lot of things in our marriage. Sex and intimacy are no different, pray for confidence, healing, trust, desire and anything else that concerns you.

BMWK family, do you already pray over sex and intimacy in your marriage?

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