Being Mary Jane EP 401 Shows Women What NOT to Do if They Want Real Love

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Being Mary Jane is back, and Mary Jane Paul is still the same broken, lonely and insecure woman she has always been.

The show opens with Mary Jane pledging that she is no longer using her bed to audition men for a relationship. She is declaring a fresh start in every area, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. To achieve her goal, Mary Jane hired a high priced matchmaker to help her find love everlasting.  And not within 2 minutes of making that statement, Mary Jane is in bed with a stranger asking him to declare his love.

Girl, BYE! 

Since Mary Jane has her mind set on the positive outcome of the matchmaker; she declines the advances of her one-night stand. In fact, she informs him that in no uncertain terms would they ever see each other again.

Unfortunately, the very unresolved issues which caused Mary Jane to seek love from a one-night stand are the very issues which caused her Matchmaker to fire her as a client. When her matchmaker informs her that she needs to work on herself, instead of taking heed, in true Mary Jane fashion, she turns to her one-night stand to find solace in her disappointment. By her actions, we see that Mary Jane Paul is still making bad decisions all in the name of love.

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired- Robert Frost

Don’t get me wrong; we have all made mistakes when it comes to love. No one wants to be alone. So at times, we’ve allowed people into our lives who would have never normally had access. We’ve made bad decisions which caused unnecessary drama as a consequence. So I get it. But when you find yourself constantly in a continual downward spiral, you have to determine that you need help. Choose to take a long look in the mirror and conduct a self-assessment and deal with your issues.

Mary Jane’s actions are exhausting. We’ve all been there, but at some point, enough is enough. In past episodes, Mary Jane has been told she needs to get it together. And she has even stated the very same fact. But instead, she keeps spiraling out of control.

Mary Jane will never find the love that she desires until she loves herself.

When you look at the dynamics of her life, you would think that Mary Jane has it all together. However as you look closer, you begin to see the cracked fragments, barely being held together, that make up Mary Jane Paul.  She has the fame and fortune, but inwardly Mary Jane is a scared little girl who keeps hiding from herself. The sad part is that Mary Jane will never find the love that she desires until she loves herself. And she will never love herself until she deals with the scared, broken little girl within.

We have all been at a low point in some aspect in our relationships or lack thereof, but not until you are satisfied, content and in love with YOU, will you ever have the real relationships you desire.

Don’t be like Mary Jane, take the time to face your issues and gain the inner healing you need; enabling you to eliminate toxic relationships, conversations, and decisions out of your life. Causing you to operate out of self- love, self-respect, value, and worth; attracting the healthy, authentic relationships you desire. 

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