Hide Your Husbands! Hide Your Wives! January 9th is Cheat Day

BY: - 6 Jan '17 | Infidelity

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Hide Your Husbands! Hide Your Wives! January 9th is revealed as the day that people are most likely to start an affair. According to a popular dating website for cheaters (which will remain nameless on this site) the second Monday after the New Year is the busiest time for their website which currently has over 3 million members.

The website says that after the New Year, they see an increase in the number of people looking to cheat.  Last year, their site searches increased by more than 320% on the second Monday in January….and they are expecting the same trend this year too!

So what does this mean for you…what should you do?

Well we are always talking about cheating and how to affair proof your marriage on the site. (Read: How to Affair Proof Your Marriage.) But at the end of the day it’s about choices.  It’s about making daily choices to be committed to your relationship and the daily choices that will allow you to build a strong marriage and strong foundation that is capable of withstanding any challenges that your marriage will face (Read: How to Protect Your Marriage from Anything and Anyone that Poses a Threat .)

Now run tell that!

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