Slay for Bae: 7 Quick and Easy Tips on How to Remain His Eye Candy

BY: - 4 Jan '17 | Intimacy

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What happens when your look no longer matches his vision? And before I get started, let’s just be clear that this can go in either direction. Your husband’s physical appearance may no longer match the vision you had for the man of your dreams either.

So let’s talk about reality for a minute.

When you first got married you were both looking good every time you stepped out of the house. And for real, you even looked good walking around the house in your pajamas. Now, some years later, the pounds may have creeped on and hair appointments have been replaced with buying diapers and baby milk.  And those cute pjs have given way to old sweats and your favorite t-shirt.

Our wonderful husbands may or may not say anything. However, do you think they miss the vision of that fine woman who put herself together every day? Do you miss that version of you?

The queen who enjoyed getting a new matching bra and panty set from the specialty store is now excited by a good sale on a 6-pack of underwear from the big box store.  It sounds funny, but it’s true for so many of us. And, I’m right there with you.

Responsibilities pile up from work, home, kids and life in general. When this happens being eye candy for your husband may not be on your radar screen.

Here are 7 quick and easy ways to get your eye candy status back:

  1. Plan the night before. Mornings with kids and time schedules can be hectic. Lay out your things at night.
  2. Simplify your dress. Go for basic garments that you can mix and match easily. Figure out what compliments your shape and stick with those silhouettes.
  3. Throw away the ragged underwear and holey t-shirts. If you don’t have them you can’t wear them.
  4. Buy things that make you feel good. If it doesn’t make you feel good don’t get it. Eventually, you won’t have to try on ten things in your closet to find one that works because you feel will good in your entire wardrobe.
  5. If you are going to wear a ponytail and sweats…SLAY IT. There is nothing wrong with a ponytail and sweats, just wear them like you know you are killing it.
  6. Get yourself a cute headscarf. Several companies who have modernized the headscarf. Leave the drugstore bonnet in the drugstore and go online.
  7. Get your look down to 25 minutes. You may not have all day to get ready, but 25 minutes is doable. Then get up 25 minutes earlier each day.

When I got married 29 years ago, life was much different than it is today. Life was carefree. Through the years, responsibilities mounted and there were times when I did well to have on two matching socks. It was like two matching socks; YES, now Slay that! LOL! Am I by myself, have you been there?

As my husband would say, “You are my honey no matter what you look like.” Being his eye candy takes putting yourself on your calendar and making you a high priority. Because of the time you spend beautifying yourself inside and out on you, you will slay for your bae.

Come on Slay Girl, Slay!

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