4 Ways to Protect Your Husband…Because He Needs It too

BY: - 9 Feb '17 | Marriage

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One of the things I value in my marriage and appreciate about my husband is the sense of security I feel. I feel safe.  My husband not only loves and supports me, but he also protects me. He’ll defend my honor and come to my rescue whenever I need him.

I feel safe.

Usually husbands step into the position of protector. It just seems to be the natural order of things since many of us feel protecting is something that happens only physically. This leaves wives feeling as though they don’t need to concern themselves with doing any of that.

But the opposite is true. Your man also needs protecting. I understand nurturing might feel a little more natural for you, but stepping into this new position will stretch you and make you a much better wife.

How to Protect Your Man

If you’re thinking how to specifically protect your man, here are a few suggestions.

Protect His Feelings

You can start by protecting his feelings. Your husband may not come right out and speak about what he’s feeling, but trust that he does have some. When he does decide to share, try to listen attentively and avoid being judgmental. Nothing shuts a person down quicker than feeling judged or misunderstood. Make sure your husband knows he’s safe with you no matter what. Protect him by giving him space and freedom to simply be.

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Guard His Heart

Next, you can choose to guard his heart. Simply put, do your absolute best not to hurt your man. No one knows him better than you. You’ve grown to know his likes and dislikes, what makes him cry and what pisses him off. Declare today that you will never be the one that makes him cry. This can only happen when we as wives are intentional and think about the consequences of our actions. Your husband should be able to trust you completely. It’s important to keep your promises. Remember, infidelity and disrespect hurt.

Pray For Him

Another great way to protect your husband is through prayer. There is no greater protector than God. Pray for your husband and with your husband. His life, his choices and his spirit all need to be lifted up constantly. You can pray that in his role as husband he always feels loved and supported. Also ask God to provide you with all you need to protect your husband as well.

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Defend His Honor

Lastly, protect your husband by defending his honor.  You should not allow anyone else to bad mouth our husbands, and you shouldn’t do it either. Now I know your man can aggravate you to no end, but you should still be mindful with how you talk about him when he’s not around. The same way you want your husband to stand up for you, you must be willing to do the same for him.

Whatever challenges you may be experiencing within your marriage, resolve it with your husband first. Nothing good comes from bad mouthing your husband to someone outside of the marriage.

In protecting your husband, you’ll also find you’re safeguarding your marriage. Again, you can do this in a number of ways. The key is to remember that it does need to be done.

BMWK, what are additional ways wives can protect their husbands?

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20 Text Messages to Send Your Husband on Valentine’s Day

BY: - 9 Feb '17 | Marriage

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Men like to be flirted with. They love provocative speech and they love for women to be sassy and sexy.  As you plan for Valentine’s Day, consider incorporating a few sexy texts to whet his appetite for you. Have fun with your texts and be creative. Be as suggestive as you want to be or get straight to your message. I want you to have fun with it and show him your sexy side.

I love you texts:

  • You are so good to me and the kids. I wish I said it more often. I love you!
  • My love for you is indescribable. I can’t wait to see you this evening.
  • I love you so much! Even on our worst day, I still love you!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day honey! I love you and I am proud to be your wife.

Thankful texts:

  • I’m thankful to have you as my husband. You make me so happy. Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Thank you for ___. When you did that, I felt like you valued me.
  • I appreciate your support. I am thankful that you got my back.
  • The way you make me feel is beyond words. I love that you are a strong man.

Dine out texts:

  • Hey babe! I got a babysitter for the kids. Meet me at ____ for your Valentine’s Day surprise.
  • Instead of you making reservations, I did. Let’s drop the kids off and go out tonight.
  • When you get off work, stop by ___ for a drink and appetizers. I’ll save our table.
  • We have a reservation at ___. Don’t go home. Meet me there. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dine in texts:

  • Hi baby, I fixed your favorite meal for Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to share it with you.
  • Hurry home! You’ll never guess what I fixed for you. You will love it!
  • Instead of you making a reservation, I ordered your favorite meal to eat at home. See you in a little bit. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Hey honey! I took off early to fix your favorite meal. Hurry home!

Let’s get it on texts:

  • Hey there sexy! Why don’t you take a half day and meet me in the bedroom at ____?
  • Hey Big Poppa! Happy Valentine’s Day. I can’t to ___ you tonight. Don’t make me wait.
  • I bought a cute little nightie. I can’t wait to model it for you. Happy Valentine’s Day to us!
  • I love the way you make me feel when you____. I can’t wait for you to do that tonight.

I have to be careful when I send these types of texts to my husband.  Because I know that if I send my husband a suggestive text during the day, he comes home ready for action.  And that is the only thing on his mind all day!

As you make plans for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to jump-start his excitement with a few sexy texts.

About the author

Tanya Barnett wrote 15 articles on this blog.

Tanya Barnett is a relationship strategist, speaker and the “Real” Wife Coach. She is the author of Being a Wife Just Got Real: Things I Wish I Knew, Before I Said, I Do”. She founded the Real Wife Movement™, where she equips single and married women with tools to create strong marriages and families. She is also the founder of Forever Free Books, a mobile literacy nonprofit, which delivers free books and story time to low income children in their neighborhoods and communities. She is a marathoner, triathlete and a serious book lover. She and her husband, Don, have 3 awesome kids.


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