Fellas: 9 First Date Tips that Will Make Sure You Get a Second Date

BY: - 2 Feb '17 | Relationships

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You’re on the first date and it is going well.  You know you are attracted to her and you want to impress her.  But, it’s hard to gauge how she is feeling about you. And so you’re trying to figure out how to finesse things into a second date.  Don’t worry…I’ve got you covered.

Men I am about to drop some insider dating gems on you that you should immediately add to page one of your dating playbook … you can thank me later. Here are 9 things you can do to make sure you get a second date.

Pay attention to her and put your phone away

This is common sense, but it may not be to everyone. If you want to make a “real-life” connection that has the potential for more, then you need to interact directly. The games, texts, e-mails, news feeds, and notifications can wait.  You made time for this date so be on it and not your phone.

Ask her questions 

Women like to talk and good conversation can be really intoxicating and mentally stimulating. (It’s very attractive!) Ask her about where she grew up, her hobbies, her job, her friends, etc. Show genuine interest in getting to know her and she will reciprocate many times over.

Make eye contact and smile  

The constant need to look at our phones has made eye contact a lost art.  However, eye contact is nature’s way of making a real connection with your date, especially since research shows we communicate more “non-verbally” than we do verbally.  Eye contact conveys respect and interest and will tell you immediately if there is any chemistry between the two of you.

Relax, relate, and smile.  A smile makes you approachable, shows that you are confident and open to getting to know her; all characteristics that most women find irresistible.


Look good and smell good


It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good, and you’re more confident (which is also a major turn-on.)  So go on and get a crisp line-up from the barber, pop a mint in your mouth before you meet her (and keep some on deck), wear something that you are comfortable in (and that you know you look good in),  and finally put on the smell goods (but don’t overdo it.)   And remember, personal hygiene goes a long way in making a positive first impression.

Be a gentleman

Even in  2017,  there is still something to be said for chivalry.  So, open doors, walk on the outside (the street side), and be nice to other people.  These little things that seem unimportant are exactly the type of things women notice as we silently assess you and decide if you are worthy of a second date.

For example, if you’re rude to the waiter or a cheap tipper, then we make assumptions about you (though not always accurate) that dictate whether or not you get a second date.  Bottom line: Be nice, generous, and always be a gentleman.

Pick up the tab

Yes, she has a job and yes she can pay for the bill too.  But as the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  And fellas, this means that you the pay the bill, at least on the first date.  When the bill comes, reach for it immediately and pull it towards you. If she offers to split it, politely decline — or say something smooth like maybe she can buy you an after-dinner drink. However if she is adamant and repeatedly insists, then split it with her and keep it moving.

Don’t take yourself too seriously  

Dating can be nerve wracking, especially first dates.  But trust me when I tell you that women like men who can laugh at themselves.  It’s a first date, keep it light, tell her a funny story about yourself and consider it an ice breaker. She will reciprocate and the door will be open to a great conversation.

Make her laugh

Laughter truly is the key to a woman’s heart.  Marilyn Monroe was once quoted as saying: “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”  And there is definitely some truth in that statement.

If you meet someone who you can laugh with, it is a good indicator that your future relationship will be filled with fun, positivity, and good cheer.  Don’t force it; but having a good sense of humor indicates wit, which indicates intelligence, both very sexy traits that a woman wants in a man.

Compliment her 

Does she look good?  Is her hair hooked up and her outfit working?  Do you like the way she laughs or the twinkle in her eye?  Tell her.  Women, like all humans, love compliments. And there is no better way to let her know you’re interested in her.  Just remember to keep it classy, especially on the first date when you are not sure where the line is.

First dates can be rough and awkward. However, if you remember to use these tips, keep the atmosphere light and fun, and be genuine in what you do and say, then you’ll  increased your chances of turning more first dates into a second dates.

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