Don’t Be a Sucka! 5 Signs that Your Man Is Playing You for a Fool

BY: - 3 Mar '17 | Relationships

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I’ve always hated the phrase “love conquers all.” Don’t get me wrong, I am all about romance and happily ever after, but I have seem enough in my lifetime to know that love does not conquer all. Love is wonderful and magical but it isn’t enough.

Have you ever heard a woman share how much she love’s a man, but it’s really her way of justifying his mistreatment of her. It leaves me puzzled to say the least. Why does love give someone the permission to treat you poorly and make you look like a fool?

I’m just not with it.

I think when a man sends clear signs that he’s not really that into to you, you have to pay attention to those signs. Don’t ignore it. Don’t make excuses for him. Don’t tell yourself that he loves you and that his behavior could be worse.

You have to know your worth. You have to remember that no one has the right to treat you with a lack of respect and dignity. You have to protect yourself from getting played.

Here are 5 signs that your man is playing you and you need to move on to someone who deserves your love.

He doesn’t want you to visit his home.

I am not suggesting that you need to go to a guy’s house during the first few dates. Maybe he is just being cautious and wants to make sure you aren’t all the way crazy before he brings you into his home. But after you have been dating for a while, if it seems like he is always trying to be up in your house, but he never wants you at his, something is up. Listen to your gut and ask for an explanation. If the explanation sounds like B.S., it probably is. Keep it moving.

He’s been hiding you from his family for a really long time.

I will be the first to admit that in my dating days, I really didn’t want my family to meet a guy right away. I had to feel like it was going somewhere first. That’s just how I roll. But when I see a man dating a woman for well over a year and he still hasn’t introduced her to anyone in his family, something is up. He’s either hiding something or he has serious commitment issues. Find out what’s going on.

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He lies about stupid things.

I have always believed that when a person lies about foolish things, they will typically lie about anything. Don’t fall for it. If your man lies about where he’s been, where he works, what school he goes to, etc., give him the boot. I can almost guarantee that he will eventually be comfortable enough to lie to you about almost anything and who has time for that mess?

He’s cheated on you more than once.

No one is perfect. I think people make mistakes and sometimes you are able to work things out. But I also believe that some people do you wrong so many times they just don’t deserve another chance. If a man has cheated on you time and time again, he’s pretty much telling you that’s who he is. You have to stop wishing and hoping for him to be someone he’s not. He’s playing you and he’s hoping that you care enough to stay and tolerate it. Don’t give him that satisfaction.

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He’s secretive.

I know that some people are a bit private by nature and that is okay, but there is a difference between being private and being downright secretive. If your gut is telling you that your man is keeping secrets, he probably is. Don’t stick around to watch the secret slowly creep into your life. Ask for honesty and if he can’t give you that, tell him to kick rocks.

BMWK family, what are some signs that someone is being played?

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5 Simple Things a Husband Can Do to Bring His Wife Joy

BY: - 3 Mar '17 | Intimacy

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We’ve all heard the phrase: Happy Wife, Happy Life. And while we don’t subscribe to such a basic principle of marriage in our house, that doesn’t mean I don’t go out of my way to put a smile on wife’s face just because she’s my wife.

I want to see her happy every day, and I want to do my part to bring a her daily dose of joy. And while I would love to jet set her to the Colorado Rockies or half-way around the world to a remote island in the Maldives, truth is the way our bank account is set up…well, you know how that story goes. So it leaves me to get creative about how to lessen her burden and simply show her how often I think about her and her well being every day.

Send text messages.

Nothing seems to get women more excited than a vibrating phone. A simple, “how’s your day going?” or “thinking about you brought a much needed smile to my face” is the perfect way to stay connected during the workday or any other day for that matter. Let her know she’s top of mind even when she’s not around.

Top off her gas.

You know she’s running around to work, school, daycare, after-school, lessons, mama’s house, mama and ‘nem’s house, and the grocery store all through traffic both ways. Please go get her car washed, vacuumed, but most importantly – fill up her tank. You know she could use it. Just one less stop on an endless cycle of the adulthood routine. She’ll appreciate the gesture.

Fold the clothes.

Folding clothes is so simple, yet so impactful that J. Cole dedicated an entire track to Folding Clothes for his beloved on his newest album. And seeing how Cole is another married man, it sounds like he’s getting his marriage off to the right start. If you currently don’t fold your own clothes, then you can immediately do two things: 1) thank the person who folds your never-ending supply of drawls, and 2) return the favor.

If you do fold your own clothes, imagine a world where your clothes magically made their way from the dryer sorted and organized into your drawers? How much would you pay for a magical genie to do this on your behalf? How many hours of your life would you get back? How many novels would you read? Fold.her.clothes. The, literally watch her love for you grow by 3-fold.

Leave her alone.

I love this one. This is by far my favorite simple thing to do for my wife. Like most people, my wife likes people – but only when she likes people. And people are draining. All of us. We love each other…and we drain the hell outta one another too. Our wives need time alone to choose how they want to spend their own time. Sleep, exercise, reading, sleep, Netflix, or whatever else my wife wants to do, I encourage. Give her the most valuable asset any of us own – TIME. It’s free, and it’s priceless.

We love each other…and we drain the hell outta one another too.

Rub her feet.

You’re gonna watch Netflix anyway. Tell her to kick up those hardworking hooves on your knees and rub those kinks away. I mean really work the pressure out of her. She literally carries the weight of your whole entire family, a few of her close friends, her boss, her employees, the one co-worker she actually likes, and the worries of the modern free world on those feet.

Make getting her feet pampered a normal thing in your house. And the beauty is it’s also self-serving. Because the next time you get into a disagreement that leads to that long night of silence. Let’s see who breaks first when you’re not kneading your knuckles into the arches you’ve made her accustomed to. I know I would say sorry if it meant someone would rub my feet.

Enjoy your marriage. Enjoy each other’s time. It will always be the simple things that matter most. You knew this already. This was simply another reminder.

BMWK – Help us build this list… what simple things bring you joy?

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Isom Kuade wrote 70 articles on this blog.

Isom Kuade is a father and a husband, resting his head in the middle of Texas. He's doing his best to adult with purpose and sneak in some good meals along the way. He and his wife tell stories of their triumphs, failures, and biased opinions at


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