New York Times Best-Selling Author, Denene Millner, Pens a Love Letter to Black Children Everywhere

BY: - 11 Apr '17 | Book Club

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Denene Millner is truly an artist.  Everything she writes (and I mean everything) evokes emotions in me – – even her Facebook posts (I see them in my newsfeed and they give me some kind of jolt as I go about my day.)  She’s like “good morning”…and I’m like Denene is a genius….lol! (As you can tell…I’m a big fan and honored to be a friend too.)

She has a God-given talent! And that God-given talent has allowed her to write multiple New York Times best-selling books and her award-winning website, – a site where “African American parents and parents of black children and their opinions matter, and are heard, respected, and revered. For their poignancy and strength. For their intelligence and authenticity.”  (Those are Denene’s words…she’s just awesome.)

I’m happy to announce that Denene now has a new line of black children’s books, Denene Millner Books — a children’s book imprint, in partnership with Agate Publishing.

My imprint is a love letter to children of color who deserve to see their beauty and humanity in the most remarkable form of entertainment on the planet: books. ~ Denene Millner

And her first picture book Early Sunday Morning, releases today! And I’ll let Denene describe this book in her own beautiful words:


Early Sunday Morning is a beautiful tribute to my childhood—specifically the love my nuclear family members shared for one another, my mother’s insistence that we be socialized within a strong black Baptist church culture, and the incredible bond I had (and still have!) with my father. I still remember the first time I sang a solo in church—the preparation that went into it and all the nerves I had to overcome to stand up in front of that microphone, in front of all those people and sing.”

Denene came to my office recently and showed me an early copy of this book.  And it is truly amazing! The words and the pictures took me back to a time when I wore white shawls and black patent leather shoes to church.  It made me remember how pretty my mom looked in her Easter Sunday suits — my mom was so fly (she still is.)  By the way Vanessa Brantley-Newton  is the Illustrator and she did an amazing job!  I kept rubbing the book as if the pictures were jumping off the pages.

Support Denene

Everyone needs to purchase at least 2 or 3 copies of this book.   And here’s why

  • One for you.  I want it for my coffee table.  I want my sisters and my friends to read it when they come over so that we can reminisce about the “good old days.”
  • One for your kids.  Every kid needs to have a copy of this book…but if they are small they don’t get to put their grimy little fingers (lol) on your own personal copy.
  • One for your friend.  I have several friends that just had babies. Guess what they’re getting.

Please help us support Denene by picking up a copy of Early Sunday Morning TODAY.

Yes…today…. don’t put it off until later.  Let’s get a copy today and show the world why black children’s books are not only needed..they are wanted.  And let’s show Denene that we appreciate all that she does for our community and our children.  I knew this book was coming…but I strategically ordered my copies today.  I want you to do the same.

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