Top 5 Things All Husbands Find Annoying

BY: - 3 May '17 | Marriage

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I know my wife and I aren’t the only ones that still have petty arguments from time to time so… I surveyed a few other husband’s to see what petty arguments we have in common! Well it didn’t take me long to see an overlapping theme.  Tell me if you have them and tell me what you would add to the list! Keep reading!

No, I’m not stopping 3 other places!

Ladies why is it when you find out we are about go to make a run to one store, then you decide it’s a good time to give us a to do list that’s 3 pages long. Instead of going to one store you want us to stop at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and CVS at the same time. What went from one quick trip to pick up some beers turned into a 3-hour shopping experience.

Get your hand off my plate!

Ladies, just so you know, the reason why we ask you what YOU want when we are at a restaurant or cooking is because we don’t want you putting your hands in our plate. Nothing is more annoying than when we have our plate all set up just like we like it… just for you to reach over and want a bite after you just said you didn’t want anything! Ultimately though, we still end up giving you a piece because we love you.

I’ll do the dishes when I want to!

Why is it that you get so upset if we don’t do something exactly when you want us to do it? If I’m in the middle of doing something and you ask me to do the dishes and I say OK it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop what I’m doing and do it right then and there! It will get done when I get it done.

For every 5 things that irk us, there are are 100 things that bring us joy.

Can we please be on time!

Ok I can respect the process it takes for you to get ready ladies and you look so beautiful when you are done, but why must we argue every time about being on time. We have 5 minutes to be there and yet for some reason we are still at the house and you’re just starting your makeup. Now. we are pacing back and forth looking in the bathroom to see what progress you’ve made and now you have an attitude with us. Don’t ask us why we are rushing and you and instead ask why you didn’t get started earlier. GEESH! LOL

Why aren’t you listening to me!?

PSA – men pretty much have one tracked minds and multi-tasking isn’t our thing so if we are focused on something don’t come and try and hold a serious conversation during that time. The funny thing is that you try to get us to talk while we are busy and then get mad at us for not listening.


If it’s one thing I’ve notice… it’s that my wife can’t stand to see me idol and doing absolutely nothing. Truthfully I live for the moments where I can be doing absolutely nothing but that usually is very short lived. Next thing you know here comes the wife talking about 5 other things that need to be done around the house or yard or something.

Yeah…I know some of these are petty and I know there are so many things that about us husbands that equally irk our wives.  But the beauty of it all is that we still love each other anyways!  Because for every 5 things that irk us, there are are 100 things that bring us joy.  And when you are able to put things into perspective and stay focused on the good things, these small annoyances remain just that…small.

BMWK – Do you agree with this list?  I’m quite sure there are many universal things that irk wives too… let us know.

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Troy Spry wrote 225 articles on this blog.

Troy Spry a Certified Life, Dating, and Relationship Coach and the one and only "Reality Expert", resides in Charlotte, NC. He created his blog, Xklusive Thoughts, with the intent of putting out a very realistic perspective and using it as a vehicle for inspiration! He hopes to challenge people to think differently and inspire people to do and be better in relationships and in life!


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7 Signs The Bad Outweighs The Good In Your Relationship

BY: - 4 May '17 | Marriage

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Every relationship has its ups and downs. You may argue, not talk to each other for a few days, and then kiss and make up.  In fact, conflict in a relationship is normal and it’s one of the ways couples can increase their intimacy with each other, because they’re both sharing their needs and wants, and figuring out a way to make it all work.

But how much conflict is too much? What if there’s more arguing than kissing and making up? Is your relationship doomed?Let me share with you 7 signs that the bad outweighs the good in your relationship and what you can do about it.

7 Signs the Bad Outweighs the Good

You feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells

Do you feel like you have to censor yourself around your partner because any little thing can set him/her off? This is a sign that there’s a missing element with your partner which is crucial for a relationship to work: acceptance. If you feel like you can’t be yourself, then the bad times have taken over your relationship.

Criticism replaces communication 

You can’t have a regular conversation anymore because you both find yourself constantly criticizing each other.  What used to be playful banter over you being late for a date now turns into a full blown argument. The tension between you is so thick you could cut it with a knife! This is a huge sign that your focus is no longer on the good things you admire about each other, and you’re only focused on what you don’t like.

There’s no reciprocity 

You partner doesn’t initiate phone calls or dates anymore. When you’re affectionate with your partner, he seems cold. It seems the more you reach out, the more he withdraws. The lack of reciprocity is a sign that your partner has disconnected from the relationship and is just going through the motions.

You stop being friends

It feels like you’re both living separate lives. You don’t know what’s going on in his inner circle and you aren’t included in the decisions he makes. The foundation of your relationship is cracked!

There’s no trust

Trust is fragile. When it’s broken, either because of infidelity or because of unmet expectations, it can be challenging to maintain a relationship. You must repair the ruptures if the relationship is to move back into a season of good times.

You’re making excuses about his/her bad behavior

If you feel embarrassed to tell your friends and family what’s really going on in your relationship.  And instead, you make up excuses about why your partner has changed, it’s a sign that what you’re going through isn’t just a phase.

You’re blaming each other

Maybe you’re not covering for your partner; maybe you’re blaming your partner for the problems in the relationship. The blame game prevents you from actually coming up with solutions for your relationship challenges and pushes you further apart.

Sound Familiar?

Did any of these signs sound familiar? If so, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re just going through a rough season or if these are persistent problems. All relationships have problems, so you shouldn’t break up just because you have conflict with each other. However, if you’re facing unsolvable problems such as trust issues, abuse, and other harmful behaviors, you need to understand that these issues will not disappear without help, and a willingness from both people to work on the relationship.

BMWK, Do you feel that your relationship can be restored or are you ready to part ways? Share your answers below!


Stop Fussing & Fighting: 5 Keys to Successful Communication in Your Marriage - You'll Learn the Most Important Steps to Stop Fussing & Fighting and to Finally Feel Heard In Your Marriage! If Your Marriage Needs Better Communication This Is for You! Click here to get started!

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Aesha Adams Roberts wrote 182 articles on this blog.

Dr. Aesha is a matchmaker, dating coach, speaker and author of the book, Can I Help A Sister Out: How To Meet & Marry The Man of Your Dreams. After years of making painful dating mistakes, she met & married her husband in 11 short months and has made it her mission to help women and men find and keep the love of their lives.


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