5 Signs You Could Be Cheating on Your Husband

BY: - 30 Nov '17 | Infidelity

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It has become a well known fact that women cheat in relationships as often, if not more, than men. Though the stigma is more often attributed to the husband, wives shouldn’t get comfortable and think they can’t be found to step out on their men.

Typically, wives who cheat are said to do so emotionally rather than physically. While that may be true to some degree, it’s important to also be aware of both the emotional and physical missteps that can lead to an affair. So, what are some warning signs that you might be less than faithful to your spouse? Below are five that fly under the radar and might catch you off guard if you’re not careful.

Leaving Out Parts of a Conversation with a Male Friend

At first, it may start out innocently. But isn’t that usually how it goes. You and your husband’s best buddy “Jason” are having a conversation and he lets something inappropriate slip. You realize it but you either ignore it or respond flirtatiously. Whatever the case,  you don’t let your man in on that part of the conversation. You also fail to check “Jason” on his disrespect. That’s a sure sign your heart or your body is heading away from the relationship. If this is you, you could be cheating on your husband.

You are Unmoved if Another Woman Shows Interest in Your Husband

If you don’t care that another woman is trying to move in on your man, chances are you’ve got your own piece of action happening on the side. Needless to say, if the love was still strong, your jealousy would be through the roof. But somewhere along the line, you lost the emotional connection to your husband. You may not be physically involved with another man, but there is someone who is feeding your emotional desires. If this is you, you could be cheating on your husband.

You Find Reasons to Argue Almost Daily

Your husband has left his socks on the floor many times and you’ve never complained. All of a sudden, you take him to task and he’s left with his mouth hanging open. Whether it’s dishes in the sink, helping with the kids, or leaving the seat up in the bathroom, there’s an argument that needs to be had and you’re itching to get it started. While you’re all giggles and smiles around some other man, your husband has to deal with your incessant anger and criticism. If this is you, you could be cheating on your husband.

You No Longer Feel the Need to Serve Your Spouse

Breakfast in bed? Nope. Dinner on the Table? Nope. Late night booty call? Definitely Nope. The things you once gladly did to serve your spouse, you no longer desire to do them. They have become a nuisance or a hassle to you. Now, to fetch a cup of coffee for “Chris” at work is a joy and you have no problems doing it each day. When you pack your lunch at home, you make sure there’s extra, just in case “Chris” would like some. Finding ways to serve another man while your spouse is neglected is not a good look. If this is you, you could be cheating on your husband.

You Don’t Talk to Your Husband Like You Used To

There was a time when you couldn’t wait to tell your husband everything that had gone on in your day. The two of you would be chilling on the couch after a long day at work and you would talk or laugh or cry and then talk some more. These days, you barely say more than two words to him the entire day. If he tries to strike up a conversation, you are definitely not interested. Basically, what do you need to talk to him for when you’ve already shared these moments with another man? Maybe things haven’t gone too far yet, but your husband is definitely getting pushed out. If this is you, you could be cheating on your husband.

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Don’t get me wrong. These things for sure could be a sign of dissatisfaction in the relationship without any act of wrongdoing. But, like I said earlier, cheating is not always about the physical. So, beware of these actions and the potential pitfall they pose to your marriage. Then, fix them.

BMWK, what other cheating signs should you watch out for?


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