3 Ways to Have More Intimate Sex in 2018

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Happy New Year! The old has gone. The new has come. If you’re anything like me, you are thrilled to reset the clock on some of life’s toughest challenges from 2017 and start fresh. If you are happily married, chances are you faced those challenges with your spouse. My man for the last 18 years was in his usual spot…leading us from the front lines. I couldn’t be more grateful. Naturally, I had his back. But none of it would have mattered if we hadn’t first surrendered everything to God.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is an odd way to start an article about having more sex. I suppose. But stick with me and hopefully you won’t be disappointed. While the article’s title champions sex, it would be foolish to ignore the importance of intimacy. Simply put, you can’t have more sex without it…well, not the meaningful kind anyway. You know, the kind where you just have to call your girls and tell them what your husband did to you last night…and the night before.

You see, I’m not trying to advocate some rampant rump in the hay with little physical meaning and even less emotional value. If that’s what you’re after, click on a new tab and keep it moving. Rather, the “more” sex I’m talking about is all wrapped up in a lifetime commitment to your relationship, faithfulness to each other, and surrender to God. Without these, intimacy will be lacking and sex will be just another three letter word.

More Sex Comes With Commitment

No marriage is perfect. But there’s something to be said about two people who can look beyond each other’s imperfections and decide to take on life together. For my husband and me, we stood before a crowd of friends in the beginning of January, said “I do,” then got busy for the first time in our relationship (not in front of everyone…duh!).

Regardless of where you start as a married couple, nothing beats the uninhibited pleasure of two committed bodies becoming one. No one else gets to have that with your spouse so you are free to do what you want as often as you want. There’s nothing quite so liberating. If you want not just more, but more unfettered, more sensuous, more ebullient sex in 2018, make…or remake the kind of commitment that gets you what you desire.

More Sex Comes From Faithfulness

I can already hear the naysayers from the point above. So, I’ll let you in on a gem. Commitment without faithfulness is futile. On the other hand, where commitment and faithfulness meet lies plenty of free-spirited love making that’s sure to blow your mind. This is because faithfulness and commitment leads to the development and strengthening of every kind of intimacy.

  • Recreational Intimacy – Great sex after a great date with your spouse is an amazing perk.
  • Emotional Intimacy – After times of emotional bonding, sex is a great release.
  • Intellectual Intimacy – Sometimes a stimulating conversation stimulates more than the mind.
  • Spiritual Intimacy – Drawing close to God can definitely help you draw close to one another.
  • Physical Intimacy – A touch here, and a caress there and well…

When you allow your relationship to reach this kind of next level intimacy, then more sex is more than likely.

More Sex Comes From Surrender

In our society, surrender is not exactly sexy. Typically, those who surrender are ridiculed as weak and powerless. But often times, life throws hardship after hardship at you and your relationship and it seems like it just won’t quit. When you and your spouse take those challenges and together surrender them to God, you make sure your troubles don’t squeeze physical intimacy out of your relationship. In fact, when you surrender to God, you will find it much easier to surrender your heart, mind, spirit, and body to your spouse. And that always leads to more, and better, sex.

So, if you haven’t already done so, make 2018 the year you give your intimate life a boost with the kind of committed, faithful, surrendered sex you want. It’s one of the best ways to ensure you have an amazing year!

BMWK, are you ready to have more sex in 2018?

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