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Blended Families Week: 5 Tips for Blended Family Vacations

It’s ‘Blended Family’ week here on and with that in mind we have a few tips that will make each and every blended family vacation a happy one packed with memories.  Here are our tips to help you plan for a blended family vacation. Family meeting time….  Before booking any ‘blended family’ (especially if your Keep Reading →

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Blended Families Week: 5 Tips to Help You Transition into a Blended Family

by  Carletta Henderson-Youngs Change and transition are common in blended families. Every family member has to find a way to adjust to new roles, different expectations, and greater challenges. Often times it is easy to focus on adult matters, although children in blended families are equally affected. To make transitions easier and to strengthen the Keep Reading →

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Blended Families Week: 6 Blended Family Twitter Accounts that You Need to Follow Now!

With divorce rates and out-of-wedlock birthrates being so high, most Americans today will find themselves in some type of step/blended family situation. People who marry a person that already has children are often blind-sided by the difficulties and challenges of blended family life. And they often find themselves desperately looking for help or a way Keep Reading →

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Blended Families Week: A Blended Family is the New Norm

by Reginald Williams The blended family now serves as America’s norm. This is especially true in the larger segment of the African-American population when one factors in the sky-scraping out-of-wedlock birthrate complemented by an equally dismal divorce pace.   Even within the larger society 65 percent of the people who remarry will do so bringing Keep Reading →

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Blended Families Week: My Favorite Blended Family Resources

We found the following blended family statistics over at The Bonded 2,100 new blended families are formed EVERY DAY in America Over 65% of Americans are now a stepparent, a stepchild, a stepsibling, step-grandparent or touched directly by a stepfamily scenario By 2010, blended families/step-families will be the most common form of family in Keep Reading →

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Blended Families Week: Fakers, Haters and Deal Breakers – Keeping Outside Influences Outside of Your Blended Family

As Blended Families Week rolls along I hope that you’ve been getting some great information that will help you deal with the difficulty of a blended family. I also hope that you’ve realized that you are not alone when it comes to the difficulty of marriage and parenting in a blended family situation. If you Keep Reading →

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Blended Family Week: 5 Brilliant Strategies for Successfully Blending Families

Everyone with children remarrying after divorce hopes to successfully blend their new spouse and all of the kids, whether his, hers or both into a loving, supportive, functional family. As many of us discover, the reality of blending families is a lot harder than it appears to be from the outside looking in. While completing Keep Reading →

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ATTENTION: FREE Help for Your Blended Family This Weekend in Atlanta!

We’re excited to announce that we’re having a Blended Family Boot Camp here in Atlanta, GA on November 12th.  This is the first time that we are doing an event specifically for Stepfamilies and we’re excited!  And its’ about time! And it’s FREE…that’s right…thanks to our sponsors this event is totally FREE. As we share Keep Reading →

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Wait! Did Alicia Keys Just Release the Blended Family Anthem? Be Prepared to Weep, Ya’ll

Over the weekend, Alicia Keys released a beautiful song about her blended family. As you may recall, Alicia Keys formed a blended family with husband, producer Swizz Beatz’s, who had three kids before their marriage—one with ex-wife and singer-songwriter Mashonda. Some of the lyrics include touching declarations of love for her stepchildren: Hey I might Keep Reading →

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The 4 Greatest Lessons I Learned Growing Up in a Blended Family

I love that BMWK has dedicated an entire month to blended families. According to smart, 40 percent of married couples with children are actually blended families. Dedicating a week to discuss it just makes sense. I personally don’t know life outside of a blended family. My parents ended their relationship very early, and my Keep Reading →

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Blended Family Week: 5 Tips That Guarantee a Fun and Stress-Free Blended Family Vacation!

Blended families are beautiful but they can also be stressful.  Everyone’s learning each other’s likes and dislikes, habits and quirks while maintaining the new daily routine.  The stress can spill over to vacations as well, especially if you’re a newly blended family.  Here are a few tips to help you manage the stress on your Keep Reading →

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Black Marriage Day Sale: 4 Films for Just $30 ($50 Discount) This Weekend Only!

4 Films With One Focus – Uplifting African American Families! Every Black Household Needs These Films!   GREAT FOR: Couples in crisis Newlyweds Anniversaries Singles that want an honest look at what’s required to sustain a marriage Marriage and Singles Ministries Hosting an in-home screening for family and friends Enriching your marriage if it’s already good Sowing Keep Reading →

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