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What's Included?

BMWK Guide to Communication: How to Hear and be Heard in Your Marriage

In the BMWK Guide to Communication we discuss what communication means and the many different pieces involved with communicating effectively with your spouse. You’ll learn how to communicate through inevitable marital conflicts to help you conquer misunderstandings and keep fewer of your disagreements from turning into fights.

BMWK Guide to Financial Intimacy: How to Develop a Marital Mindset for Wealth

The BMWK Guide to Financial Intimacy has been designed to help you begin the journey of creating or repairing the financial intimacy in your marriages by providing you with some information, guidance, and a safe space to allow for opportunities to self-assess and reflect. Creating a culture of financial intimacy, rooted in respectful communication, honesty, and transparency is key to making your marriage strong and healthy. Reading this eBook is an investment in your peace of mind, your financial legacy, and the longevity and strength of your marriage.

BMWK Guide to Intimacy: How to Develop Sexual, Emotional & Spiritual Closeness With Your Spouse

In the BMWK Guide to Intimacy, we tackle the topic of intimacy. We’ll talk about the different types of intimacy, the biggest threats to intimacy and how to manage them, and we give you practical tips on how to get your intimate life with your spouse back on track. Lastly, we’ll talk about what to do when you still seem to be stuck in an intimacy rut.

BMWK Guide to Overcoming Infidelity: How to Find Healing After the Hurt

In the BMWK Guide to Overcoming Infidelity, we explore the what, who, why and how of infidelity together. There is hope as well as happiness after infidelity, and it is available to any couple who searches and works for it.

BMWK Guide to Submission in Your Marriage: It's Not a Dirty Word. It's What We Do for Each Other

The BMWK Guide to Submission in your marriage provides 6 strategies to help husbands and wives submit to one another. This is a tool that will help you and your spouse come to an agreement on what submission means in your family and how it will be carried out by each person. Submitting to one another is something you do for each other. It is something you do for the betterment and success of your marriage. It is something you do that will help to set a standard for generations to come.

BMWK Guide to Moving Beyond the Pain: How to Strengthen Your Marriage after Painful Experiences

The BMWK Guide to Moving Beyond the pain offers suggestions on how to move forward if a difference in pain management is hurting your marriage. More challenging than facing pain on our own is managing pain within a relationship, particularly in a marriage. This guide will show you that with time, perseverance, and hard work, most marriages can truly survive experiences that have the potential to break your spirit and leave you lost.



BMWK Guide to Achieving Marital Peace: 7 Ways to Keep Conflict from Ruining Your Marriage

The BMWK Guide to Achieving Marital Peace provides seven ways to keep conflict from ruining your marriage. You can't totally eliminate conflict, but it is within your power to minimize the impact it has on your marriage.

BMWK Guide to Unpacking Your Baggage: Leave Behind the Baggage of Your Past to Move Your Life and Marriage Forward

The BMWK Guide to Unpacking Your Baggage provides guidance on how to allow your past baggage to positively influence your future. It will give you the keys to unpack your baggage and create peace around your past. And, it encourages you to move forward and create a new history together. Don't allow your histories to compete with one another. Allow them to complement each other. In order to do this, you must unpack your baggage.

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The BMWK Marital Guides Are Great For...

  • couples that want to effectively communicate through issues and work through conflicts
  • couples that want to improve the state of their money
  • couples that want to create a shared financial vision
  • couples that want to have peace of mind, that want to live debt free, and to grow their money
  • couple that wants to find healing after the hurt
  • couple that wants to understand what it takes to rebuild trust
  • couples who want to get out of an intimacy rut

After Reading You'll Learn...

  • tips on keeping communication channels open in your marriage
  • tips for overcoming infidelity
  • steps on putting the marriage back together again after trust has been broken
  • the biggest threats to intimacy in your marriage and how to manage those threats
  • practical steps for improving emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy
  • how to restore intimacy in your marriage
  • tips for handling money & marriage

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