Men Ain't Boys (DVD)

45 African American Men From Across the Country Bare Their Souls and Explain What Manhood Really Looks Like!

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At a time when African American men are often depicted poorly throughout mainstream media Tyler New Media breaks that trend with Men Ain’t Boys. The film offers a thought provoking look at issues such as stereotypes surrounding manhood, the results of effective fatherhood and the requirements for maintaining lasting love, relationships and marriages. Men Ain’t Boys provides a blueprint for men, women and children to learn how real men live and how real men love.


The bulk of filming for Men Ain’t Boys took place during Winter of 2010. The Tyler New Media film crew traveled to four major cities (Atlanta, DC, Chicago, Houston) and interviewed over 45 men. The purpose of the interviews were to determine how manhood can be defined in current times. Participants ranged in age from 22 to 77 and came from a number of diverse backgrounds and experiences. The dynamic range of men included in the film will speak to audiences around the globe!

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  • Men
  • Women who are single to learn the difference between men & males
  • Single parents with young boys
  • Men’s Ministries
  • Encouraging men who are doing a great job
  • Encouraging men who need some help
  • Hosting an in-home screening for family and friends


  • Strong men talk about loving their wives and families
  • Men explain how they show their children that they love them
  • Men explain how they show their wives that they love them
  • What the real definition of manhood is
  • The difference between men & males
  • and much, much, more…


Men vs. Males

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Find out why Men Ain't Boys sold-out in theaters across the country!

Now it's your turn to host your own, in-home screening. Someone that you know needs to see this film or maybe it's you. In Men Ain't Boys we break down what manhood in our community really looks like so men, women, boys and girls can learn the lesson.

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