Still Standing (DVD)

Through Infidelity, Chronic Illness, Financial Crisis, Blended Families & more these couples explain WHY & HOW they are STILL STANDING!

Still Standing DVD Cover

Starring Kindred the Family Soul, Speech (Arrested Development) and Yolanda Thomas and Dr. Sherry Blake.





A diverse group of couples provide transparent, insightful conversation about what it takes to have lasting power in current day marriages. Through infidelity, chronic illness, financial crisis and more these couples explain WHY and more importantly HOW they are STILL STANDING.

Starring Kindred the Family Soul, Dr. Sherry L. Blake (Braxton Family Values, RHOA) & Speech Thomas (Arrested Development).

Still Standing Internet Teaser: Kindred the Family Soul

Still Standing Internet Teaser: Speech & Yolanda Thomas

Still Standing Internet Teaser: In Spite Of…

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My husband and I LOVED Still Standing !! I think we saw ourselves in all the couples but one. And yes, tears were shed by us both. We’ve been married for 15years so it’s nice to see that we aren’t the only ones trying to make it last. ””
I watched “Still Standing” and already used some of their words to inspire me!


I am already analyzing and rethinking my role in the marriage. I was ready to call it quits, but now I also want to be able to say we are still standing. ””

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