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  2. Tmpublications1

    Hi there, check out my book on relationships and get an autographed copy(s) Unbreakable, A Guide to Understanding Marriage & Relationships: A book describing how Toi and Greg Moore have been married for over 25 years and are still in love. This book reveals their personal and private life of being happy, sad, broke, financially debt free, blessed, being themselves and doing the best they could do to make their life complete. It’s raw, sassy, and on the edge. There are no prim or proper techniques, nor is there any finger pointing or blaming one mate over the other, or insisting that one gender is better than the other. This book is filled with the many Stages of their Life, Relationship Rules, Examples, Do’s, Don’ts, and explains what the Secret to being married really is from her viewpoint and his. This book is a must read for any couple trying to find answers as to what they can do to make their relationship long lasting.

  3. Jberryhill05

    OMG … a friend introduced me to your site just this morning at work and I LOVE IT!!! Excellent site and I see why you won Black Blog Award…this is #1 on my TTD (things to do)list.

  4. Couplesllc

    we have to as a people fight for not only our self but the life of mind kind, confront you brother or sister and have them stand for something. Want more out of life and from people who say they are connected to you. Great site to put the information out about issues in black communities dealing with marriage and family.

  5. LoveandHappiness

    I am a firm believer that strong marriages, leads to strong families, that create strong communities. We can overcome many of the challenges our community face when we stop the bashings of the many strong blackmen that love their wives and take care of their families. Checkout the website listed here:

    Love and Happiness

  6. Demika Caldwell

    My name is Demika Caldwell, a wife, mother of two daughters and a self-published children’s book author. Please check out my first book in the Kennedy series, “Manners Stink!” It’s a great picture book for boys and girls! Thank you!

    Kennedy: “Manners Stink!”
    Kennedy is a smart, cute, vivacious little girl, who adores being with her family and friends. She loves the months October thru December because of her birthday and all of the fun she has during the holidays. However, this holiday season Kennedy’s mom has plans for her that she may not enjoy… only to find that she may learn something along the way.

    “Manners Stink!” is available at 81551 or

  7. mspattymelt

    I am glad I found this website–being a young widow of an eight-year old curious boy child I often find so much mis information out there regarding parenting and being single.  I see so many of my married friends that are really miserable married and often trying to “hook” me up not being married! I was with my husband for 12 years before he passed and believe me I would trade my childs trust fund to have him back and not have to date ever again!  My one moto that I steak a claim to and advise any person to realize before marriage is this:  any problem you can not resolve before marriage it will not DISSOLVE after marriage! And if there is ever a shadow of a doubt—don t do it it!

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