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  2. Jberryhill05

    OMG … a friend introduced me to your site just this morning at work and I LOVE IT!!! Excellent site and I see why you won Black Blog Award…this is #1 on my TTD (things to do)list.

  3. KBMom3

    I love the whole idea of getting young ladies to eat healthy breakfasts! In order for us to encourage healthy eating we have to set the example! Let’s make sure that this next generation lives their lives as healthy as possible!

  4. Well of Truth


    Off the strength of good information from intelligent people, I was introduced to your blog and am happy to read and participate.

    God Bless you all.

    John W.
    (Well of Truth)

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  6. Virginia Henry

    So you just want heterosexual black married vouples. Gay black married couples with childten are strong role models as well. But the African American people are such homophops…hmmmm sad, when your churches are loaded with ……

    1. Brandon

      Everyone that disagrees with homosexuality is not a homophobe. They probably just don’t agree. Homophobe is the fear of gay and lesbeins, which I am not! I just don’t agree with that lifestyle


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