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Coach Da-Nay Macklin is a Certified Christian Life & Relationship Coach, founder of the Courageous Conquerors Mastermind and Author of Love After Adultery: The Breakthrough Journey of the Brokenhearted Available on Amazon She is one of the nation’s leading experts on infidelity and a thought leader on maximizing potential as she assists couples and individuals to live life by design and not default. Da-Nay has been has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s show Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal after successfully navigating adultery in her marriage, and named one of the 15 most powerful women on the south side of Chicago. She now resides in Charlotte, NC with her loving husband and daughter.

BY: - 11 May '17 | Marriage

The 4 Pillars of Trust that Must be Present in Every Relationship

Trust is the currency of every relationship, and just like money, it’s value could either depreciate or appreciate over time, depending on the events and/or investments made. Trust mimics this same attribute and, in this case, the investments are directly related to the actions and/or in-actions of both spouses in the relationship, which could enhance and Keep Reading →

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