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Franchesca Warren is writer, author, blogger, educator, runner, entrepreneur, mother and overall BossyGirl. She's currently working on her second book detailing her chronicles of working in two of the roughest urban school districts with a release date of August 2012. You can find her full-time on her blog chronicling her life trying to balance it all and run a marathon by the end of the year. In her spare time she runs her own editing company, The Editing Nerd, and working on the launch of her first magazine. For a daily account of the good, bad and ugly of being a BossyGirl follow her on Twitter!

BY: - 17 Apr '13 | Parenting

My Daughter Has No White Friends

The other day I was thinking about all of my 4 year old daughter's friends and I came to startling realization- she has no friends of different backgrounds, particularly white. As I thought in my mind, I'm not even sure if she's played with anyone of another race. As I thought about this I instantly…

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