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Tara Pringle Jefferson is managing editor of She\'s also the author of Make It Happen: The Young Mommy Guide To Creating The Career You Crave. Follow her on Twitter or check out her blog for her insights on what it means to be a mom, wife, student, writer, and about three other labels she\'s too tired to remember.

BY: - 25 Jul '12 | Entertainment

BMWK Talks to Cedric the Entertainer, Niecey Nash and the Crew of Soul Man

Cedric the Entertainer stars in the new TV Land hit, “Soul Man,” which premiered as the second-highest rated premiere on the newly rebranded network. In it, he plays Boyce “The Voice” Ballentine, an R&B superstar (most famous for his hit song “I Wanna Have Sex With You”) turned preacher. The series revolves around Boyce accepting Keep Reading →

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